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Radios are devices which can be used to listen to radio stations, which broadcast music or talk shows. Radios are room furniture; they are not items that can be added to the inventory. They are a type of powered furniture; they require power from a wall socket to function, and will not function if there is no power in the room.


The primary purpose of a radio is to relieve Stress. When listening to the radio, roll (1d41+79)*0.1; the result, ranging between 8.0 and 12.0, is the amount of Stress the character heals. Listening to the radio will also cause time to advance by one period.

Listening to the radio should only be done outside of combat and in a relatively safe environment; the GM may declare it's not the time if they feel the situation is not appropriate.


  • If your character has the Killjoy trait, divide the result of the roll by 2 (or use (1d41+79)*0.05), resulting in a maximum range of -4.0% to -6.0% Stress healed.
  • If your character has the Vivid imagination trait, multiply the result of the roll by 2 (or use (1d41+79)*0.2), resulting in a maximum range of -16.0% to -24.0% Stress healed.


You can use the &radio command to get a random show or music track. Although the radio stations and talk shows are fictional, the music suggested is from the real-world and comes from curated playlists created by Tempest. While playing MazeWorld, we suggest searching for and listening to the songs suggested through Youtube, Spotify, or the streaming service of your choice. (No copyright infringement is intended - all the bot does is suggest music for players to look up themselves, no music is actually hosted or uploaded illegally.)

You can find the full playlists for each radio station here.

Artist canonicity

Because the tracks suggested are real-world music, it can be debated whether the actual, real-life bands and songs are known in-universe to the Mazes' inhabitants. Whether or not they are is up to the GM's interpretation.