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Dual wielding (may also called Akimbo or Two-weaponing) is an ability and a combat technique.


To be able to perform this combat technique, your character must be equipped with:

  • Any two weapons considered to be unrestricted for dual wielding, see the section below

Weapons suitable for dual wielding

A weapon may be considered unrestricted (can be dual-wielded) or restricted (cannot be dual-wielded), depending on the weapon category they belong to, with some notable exceptions.

Unrestricted categories Restricted categories
Auto pistol
Crude weapon
Hand grenade
One-handed club
One-handed sword
Thrown weapon
Combat rifle
Conventional rifle
Exotic melee
Exotic ranged
Grenade launcher
Machine gun
Planted explosive
Precision rifle
Rocket launcher
Submachine gun
Two-handed club
Two-handed sword
Staff/Pole weapon
Whip/Lash weapon

The following is a list of weapons that belong to restricted categories, but are given an unrestricted status due to their design:


If two suitable weapons are equipped and declared as being dual-wielded (or any equivalent term, such as "used akimbo", "two-weaponing", etc.), the following effects apply:

  • Each weapon can be individually used to aim at a particular target, effectively allowing the dual-wielding character to use two weapons in the same turn.
  • The dual-wielding character sustains a FT +1 malus; less accuracy is the price for using two weapons.
    • A character with the Ambidextrous trait does not get the malus.
  • Any underbarrel accessories fitted to dual-wielded weapons cannot be used.

Use with other abilities

This ability can be combined with:

  • Double Cleave: If one or both of the equipped weapons are eligible for dual wielding and capable of performing Double Cleave, it is possible to combine both abilities to be able to target up to 4 different melee targets in a single turn.
  • Multiple targeting: If one or both of these weapons is also equipped with a red dot sight, it is possible to combine this ability with Multiple targeting to be able to target up to 3 or even 4 different targets in a single turn.
  • Point shooting: It is possible to dual wield and fire from the hip at the same time. It's not very accurate, though.