Double Cleave

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Double Cleave is an ability and a combat technique.


This technique is essentially a wide swing performed with a sword or an axe, intended to strike at two opponents (or targets) at once instead of just one.


This ability is not initially available and must be unlocked. To unlock this ability, your character must reach Expert level in any of these combat skills: Axe, One-handed sword, Two-handed sword.

Once unlocked, to be able to perform this combat technique, your character must be equipped with the following:

  • Any weapon belonging to any one of these categories: Axe, One-handed sword, Two-handed sword.

Additional requirements:

  • All intended enemies or targets must be on the same Side as yours (in other words, every target must be in range for a Melee attack).


Double Cleave can be thought of as the melee equivalent of Multiple targeting.

If you meet the requirements, you can perform Double Cleave, which will allow a character to aim at a second target, as long as both targets are within Melee range.

A character performing a Double Cleave will attack twice, once for each target selected, but may not make any more attacks for the rest of that turn, regardless of the max amount of hits allowed with the equipped weapon.

Use with other abilities

This ability can be combined with:

  • Dual wielding: If one or both of the equipped weapons are eligible for dual wielding and capable of performing Double Cleave, it is possible to combine both abilities to be able to target up to 4 different melee targets in a single turn.