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Disposition Faction: Syndicate
Can be found in the UA? Yes box.png
This occupation is open to:
Human icon.png Yes box.png
Halfling icon.png Yes box.png
Youkai icon.png Yes box.png

An associate is a loosely affiliated person working for the Yatela Crime Syndicate.


Clothing and armor

Associates do not have standard clothing. See Citizen.

Load-bearing equipment

Equipment and inventory

Associates may have one of three different sets of items (roll 1d3 per associate to determine):

Set 1

Equipped weapons:

  • Holster 1: MAC-10 with stock folded (30 /30, 30x .45 ACP, Standard FMJ)


Set 2

Equipped weapons:


Set 3

Equipped weapons:


Other information

Skills: Species' natural skills + the following:

  • Combat skills: Basic (Semi-auto pistol, Semi-auto rifle, Automatic pistol, Automatic rifle)


This article or section contains lore-related information.
Though not strictly necessary for playing the game, you are encouraged to read this section if you wish to have a better understanding of the game's universe.

An associate is a term referring to a person that is loosely working for the Yatela Crime Syndicate, but isn't considered a full member. Despite the implication of low status, they are vital to the organization.

Associates can be of any background and species, however only pure humans can progress further into the ranks of the organization; halfling and youkai associates can never be anything more than associates to the organization.

Average associates begin their work as rank-and-file errand-boys, usually under the direct orders of an enforcer; a fully initiated member. Some associates sought the Syndicate voluntarily, others were forcefully enrolled. Over time, if their work is considered satisfactory, they are offered gifts, given the Syndicate's protection, and even given preferential treatment in Syndicate-controlled towns. However, this comes at a steep price; associates are forcefully "encouraged" to tribute a huge percentage of their earnings to the organization, and made to run jobs, gigs, and even businesses in order for them to make more money, to be in turn taken as a tribute.

Very few people that became associates were allowed to "leave", suggesting that the association with the Syndicate is for life; to try to leave is to "betray the family", which is punishable by death.