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Disposition Faction: Syndicate
Can be found in the UA? Yes box.png
This occupation is open to:
Human icon.png Yes box.png
Halfling icon.png No box.png
Youkai icon.png No box.png

An enforcer (alternatively, a gangster, made man, or soldier) is a fully initiated member of the Yatela Crime Syndicate.


Clothing and armor

Human/Halfling clothing and armor:

  • Headgear: Fedora
  • Top: Armored tuxedo
  • Bottom: Armored tuxedo trousers
  • Footwear: Leather shoes

Load-bearing equipment

Equipment and inventory

Enforcers may have one of three different sets of items (roll 1d3 per enforcer to determine):

Set 1

Equipped weapons:


Set 2

Equipped weapons:


Set 2

Equipped weapons:


Other information

Skills: Species' natural skills + the following:

  • Combat skills: Basic (Bolt-action, Semi-auto pistol, Semi-auto rifle, Automatic pistol, Automatic rifle, Semi-auto shotgun)


This article or section contains lore-related information.
Though not strictly necessary for playing the game, you are encouraged to read this section if you wish to have a better understanding of the game's universe.

An enforcer is a general term referring to a fully initiated member of the Yatela Crime Syndicate. From an outside perspective, they may also be known as gangsters or made men (regardless of actual gender). Within the organization, they are referred to as soldiers.

As per the Syndicate's core values and beliefs, all fully initiated members of the family must be pure humans. This disqualifies halflings and youkai from ever rising above the status of associate.

To be considered for the initiation, one must have worked for the Syndicate as an associate (usually for a few years), and be sponsored by an existing enforcer or caporegime, who must then personally vouch for the candidate's trustworthiness and reliability. The candidate for initiation will then be tasked to "seal their allegiance in blood", usually by murdering an important rival or a member of the Maze Police. After the initiation is completed, the candidate is declared to be made - hence the term made man, and they officially become an enforcer for the Syndicate.

An enforcer's usual duty is to provide a steady flow of money to the Syndicate. On occasion, enforcers are called upon to do the jobs that cannot be entrusted to associates; such as running businesses, assassinating rivals or loose ends, and managing their network of associates.

Enforcers are organized into groups called crews or gangs, led by a senior member called a caporegime (often shortened to capo). Just as associates are required to pay tribute to their enforcers, enforcers are themselves required to pay tribute to their capos, generally anywhere between 30% and 50% of their earnings. In exchange for this steep price (and absolute loyalty), enforcers are considered to be "untouchable" and benefit from the unconditional protection of the Syndicate, under the "mess with one of us, mess with all of us" principle. Attacking a made man is an excellent way to be marked for death by the entire organization.

Besides their species and financial tributing, an enforcer is subjected to a code of loyalty and silence. This code stipulates that an enforcer must never associate, befriend, or otherwise get close to a cop, they must never talk about the Syndicate or its activities unless the current situation required them to, and they must show absolute loyalty to the Syndicate at all times. Death is preferable to betrayal. Snitching, the act of revealing Syndicate operations, members and/or plans to law enforcement, is considered to be the worst crime imaginable against the Syndicate, and is very harshly punished; not merely by marking the snitch for death, but also their family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, lovers, money and assets, etc.

With enough experience and success within the organization, an enforcer may eventually rise in the ranks and run their crew; at which point they become a caporegime.