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Disambiguation.png You may be looking for the crafting-only SUPER SLAM.
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Weapon, Class 4
Game information
Category Planted explosive
Fire modes Multipurpose
Type High explosive
Critical failure type Failure to detonate (Dud)
Weight (units) 2
Shop value / Rarity Parallar symbol.png1100 (Rarity 3)
Real world information
Manufacturer Alliant Techsystems
Country of origin United States.png United States

"The ultimate in multipurpose explosives, the Selectable Lightweight Attack Munition, or SLAM for short, was designed to be as adaptable as possible for a single explosive unit. With its four different modes, and functions including a programmable timer and an infrared beam emitter, the SLAM's all-in-one nature allows it to be used in place of all other types of explosives, even hand grenades. However, this multipurpose ability has a cost; each SLAM is expensive, and safety is ever more important with this weapon than any other explosive device. Improper use of a SLAM may result in severe injuries, loss of limbs, death, and/or severe disappointment."
Hebizuka (quote written by Tempest)

The SLAM is a multipurpose planted explosive.


This weapon is multipurpose; it has multiple modes. Depending on the mode set, the SLAM will behave similarly to other types of explosives.

The available SLAM modes are:

  • Mode 1: Manual - Will make the SLAM behave like a command detonation explosive (such as a C4 charge), therefore requiring a Detonator.
  • Mode 2: Timer - Will make the SLAM behave like a timed charge after a set amount of time (from 0 to 9 turns).
  • Mode 3: Pressure - Will make the SLAM behave like a pressure mine (such as a TS-50 mine), with an additional benefit of being able to set the timer until priming to anywhere between 1 and 9 turns (normal pressure mines only allow for 2 turns). This can be used to lay down a large amount of SLAMs on the same Side as pressure mines.
  • Mode 4: Infrared - Will make the SLAM behave like a directional mine (such as a Claymore mine), using an invisible infrared beam instead of a tripwire to detect targets. In this mode, the SLAM causes a Localized explosion, to avoid hurting or killing creatures on the Protected Side.

For specifics on how to use each mode, please see Explosives.


This weapon is a non-fragmenting high-explosive; no shrapnel are released upon exploding. It will cause a Standard explosion in Modes 1, 2 and 3, and a Localized explosion in Mode 4. See Explosives for more details.

Explosion damage

Damage type LDV Pain (all ACs)
Explosion +5d8 160%