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Threat level 1
Unknown creature.png
Basic statistics
Disposition Hostile
Armor Class N/A
Pain Sensitivity N/A
Max Blood N/A
Agility +0
Limb groups
Secondary statistics
Skeleton type No bones.png
Can use Weapons/LBE? No box.png
Can use Clothing and armor? No box.png

The kanedama (Youkai-go: 金玉) is a creature belonging to the Mamono category.

Attacks and techniques

This creature has two attacks: Bite and Spit coin.


Damage type Range MAPT IS LDV Pain (C1) Pain (C2) Pain (A1) Pain (A2) Pain (A3) Pain (A4) Pain (A5)
Sharp Melee 2 5 +0 24% 22% 19% 16% 12% 6% 1%

Spit coin

Damage type Range MAPT IS LDV Pain (C1) Pain (C2) Pain (A1) Pain (A2) Pain (A3) Pain (A4) Pain (A5)
Blunt Ranged 4 5 -1 14% 12% 11% 9% 7% 4% 1%
  • Limited ammunition: 10 shots. Can regenerate shots by eating coins (see below).
  • Every shot will fling a coin of a random type into the Side the attack was aimed at, regardless of whether it hits or misses.

Other information

Creature traits:

  • Drops items on death: Upon being defeated, this creature will drop the following items:
    • 1d50 coins of one random type.
  • Eats coins: If hit with coin shot, this creature will "eat" the coins and take no damage - therefore making it immune to coin shot. For every successful hit, it will regenerate one shot for the Spit coin attack, up to the maximum amount of 10 shots. This creature may also seek coins on the floor to eat and regenerate Spit coin shots with.
  • Is a construct: Constructs have no Armor Class, cannot feel pain (no Pain Sensitivity), and have no Blood. Constructs do not usually leave corpses that can be butchered, and in fact do not use the regular limb health system at all. Instead, they possess an HP counter which can be damaged using limb damage, but as they have no AC, they instead have a direct LDV modifier (which causes the amount of limb damage received per hit to be modified by the listed amount), as well as either an Unarmored or an Armored tag, used to determine the effectiveness of certain ammo types.

Construct stats

  • HP: 15
  • LDV modifier: -1
  • Counts as Armored


This article or section contains lore-related information.
Though not strictly necessary for playing the game, you are encouraged to read this section if you wish to have a better understanding of the game's universe.

Mamono (魔物) is a Youkai-go term which means "evil spirit". It is a category of creatures that have appeared in the Mazes alongside youkai, which possess a range of magical abilities and traits. Whereas youkai are sapient, civilized creatures that have integrated into society and communities, mamono are feral monsters residing in the Uncivilized Area, being one more category of dangerous creatures that can be found there.

Kanedama is a Youkai-go term which can be transliterated to "ball of money". At first glance, this strange construct appears to be a perfectly innocent pile of coins of various types. But as unsuspecting and greedy adventurers approach to inspect the abandoned money pile, they will find that this pile of coins can float in the air, animated by an unknown magical force. When floating in the air, the pile of coins will hover above the ground, rearranging itself to make scary faces. If that was not enough to scare adventurers, it will start biting or spitting coins at high velocity, until the adventurers give up and run away, or until either side is defeated in combat.

Although a lone kanedama is usually little more than an annoyance, they can form groups of up to five individuals and roam the UA together, thus turning into legitimate threats; repeated bites and assaulting with coins can be lethal! It is wise not to underestimate these strange constructs.

Upon "death", the kanedama partially disintegrates, only leaving a handful of coins that are still usable. This makes hunting these creatures an unlikely but potentially profitable venture; just make sure to be properly protected, so that their bites and coin "shots" are as little of a threat to you as possible.