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The amount of blood remaining in the body is one of the vital statistics tracked on every contestant.

Blood counter

The blood counter is exactly that: it counts the amount of blood remaining in the human body. This counter starts at 20.0 units for humans. If it goes down to 0, death from blood loss occurs.

Bleeding occurs if:

  • Open wounds exist on the body. Every turn, blood loss occurs, at a rate of 0.1 unit of blood lost per turn and per open wound. 3 open wounds would mean losing 0.3 units per turn.
  • A Bullet-type hit which causes 1 damage or more to the limb it hit; in this case, blood loss occurs at a rate of 1 unit per hit. For example, if 3 bullets hit a human target on the chest, and cause respectively 2, 3, and 0 limb damage, then only the first two rounds will cause bleeding.
    • Reminder: Bullet-type damage causing 1 or more limb damage causes open wounds. In the above example, the first round will cause an open wound on the chest, the second will simply draw more blood, and the third will cause no other effects than Pain.

Several ill effects can be suffered from bleeding too much, such as blood pressure drops.

Blood remaining Effects suffered
1/2 and above No ill effects
Under 1/2 to 1/4 units Blood pressure drop: Decreased strength, Failure threshold +1
Under 1/4 to the last 0.1 unit Severe pressure drop: Decreased strength x2, Failure threshold +2
0 blood Death from blood loss


  • Blood can be naturally healed, at a rate of 0.1 per turn. Natural healing of Blood requires 15 ntri and 0.2% Fatigue per 0.1 blood unit healed, and thus 150 ntri and 2.0% Fatigue per 1 blood unit.
    • CAUTION: Blood does NOT heal as long as there is at least one open wound - the effects can't cancel each other out.
  • It is possible to cure blood loss problems. Either by using a Blood Transfusion Kit, in cases of emergency, or preferably by visiting a medic, as they possess blood transplant equipment and blood banks.
    • It is also possible to increase the maximum amount of blood to a number higher than 20 through certain methods (Bionics...).


Non-human creatures also have a blood counter and thus the ability to receive wounds and suffer from blood loss. The list of blood-bearing creatures as well as their max amount of blood can be checked on the List of creatures by meat worth.

It is notable that a Blood Transfusion Kit must contain blood of the correct species in order to actually refill their blood counter. Injection of the wrong type of blood may cause extremely fatal clotting and is treated as a form of instant death.

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