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Police Chief
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Disposition Faction: Maze Police
Can be found in the UA? Yes box.png
This occupation is open to:
Human icon.png Yes box.png
Halfling icon.png Yes box.png
Youkai icon.png No box.png

A Police Chief is an important member of the Maze Police.


Clothing and armor

Human/Halfling clothing and armor:

  • Headgear: Cop hat
  • Top: Cop shirt
  • Body armor: Heavy K armor vest
  • Bottom: Cop trousers
  • Footwear: Regular shoes

Load-bearing equipment

Equipment and inventory

Police chiefs may have one of four different sets of items (roll 1d4 per cop to determine):

Set 1

Equipped weapons:


Set 2

Equipped weapons:


Set 3

Equipped weapons:


Set 4

Equipped weapons:


Other information

Skills: Species' natural skills + the following:

  • Combat skills: Skilled (Semi-auto pistol, Semi-auto rifle, Automatic rifle, DA revolver, SA revolver, Pump-action, One-handed club)
    • At the GM's discretion, a Police Chief may be SRT-qualified and have the following combat skills instead: Expert (Semi-auto pistol, Semi-auto rifle, Semi-auto shotgun, Automatic rifle, DA revolver, SA revolver, Pump-action, One-handed club, Thrown weapons)

Occupation traits:

  • Restricted occupation: The amount of characters that can hold this occupation is restricted to max 1 per Police town.


This article or section contains lore-related information.
Though not strictly necessary for playing the game, you are encouraged to read this section if you wish to have a better understanding of the game's universe.

A Police Chief is a senior member of the Maze Police and the second-highest rank that is normally attainable in a typical officer's career.

Each Police Chief is in charge of a police station and therefore the entirety of its staff. Although in theory, they are still under the orders and directives of the Maze Police's overarching leader, the Sheriff, in practice, each Police Chief is effectively in charge of supervising law enforcement in their respective areas.

The duties of a Police Chief are largely supervisory. Although Chiefs have the same arresting powers and capabilities for fieldwork as any of their subordinates, Chiefs are rarely seen outside of the station and exercise these powers even less frequently. Most of the time, they will be processing reports and paperwork, as well as issuing missions and operations to their detectives, patrol teams and tactical teams.

For a new Police Chief to be designated, an outgoing Police Chief must designate a successor, and it is traditional to retire within one year of making the announcement. Typically, the successor is picked from the station's most successful detectives. Being SRT-qualified is seen as a plus but not a requirement.