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Threat level 2
Unknown creature.png
Basic statistics
Disposition Occupation determinant
Armor Class C2
Pain Sensitivity 150%
Max Blood 13
Agility +1
Limb groups
HEAD Head - 7 HP
BODY Upper body - 26 HP
Lower body - 20 HP
LIMB 2 arms - 13 HP
8 legs - 13 HP
EXTREMITY 2 hands - 10 HP
WEAK POINTS 2 eyes (Head)
Crotch (Lower body)
Secondary statistics
Skeleton type Has bones.png
Can use Weapons/LBE? Yes box.png
Can use Clothing and armor? Youkai outfits.png
Type U

The jorougumo (Youkai-go: 絡新婦, pronounced Joe-row-goo-Moe, lit. "Woman spider") is a creature belonging to the Youkai category. Youkai are both sapient and sedentary, making them one of the civilized species of the Mazes.

Attacks and techniques

This creature has three attacks: Punch, Kick, and Poison bite.

Punch and kick

Identical to the basic unarmed combat punch and kick. Maximum attacks per turn is determined by the Martial arts combat skill level.

Poison bite

Damage type Range MAPT IS LDV Pain (C1) Pain (C2) Pain (A1) Pain (A2) Pain (A3) Pain (A4) Pain (A5)
Sharp Melee 2 9 +0 20% 18% 16% 13% 10% 5% 1%
  • The amount of damage this attack deals is not affected by the creature's Strength.
  • On a successful hit, inflicts Venom +1.


A jorougumo's equipment is determined by their occupation.

Other information

Skills: A jorougumo's skills are determined by their occupation.

Creature traits:


This article or section contains lore-related information.
Though not strictly necessary for playing the game, you are encouraged to read this section if you wish to have a better understanding of the game's universe.

Jorougumo are one of a number of youkai species. They are one of the most easily recognized, having a roughly humanoid appearance from the waist up but with a spider's abdomen and 8 legs, proportional to their body.

The jorougumo's humanoid half appears indistinguishable from that of a human at first glance, but closer observation reveals certain unique details. Their upper canine teeth are replaced by folding appendages reminiscent of the fangs of certain spider species. These fangs can deliver venom, which lets the jorougumo perform poison bites. Their eyes feature unique triple irises; one is a normal-sized iris at the center of the pupil, like a regular human eye, the other two are smaller irises, conjoined with the central iris, resembling an upside down mouse's head. The skin of a jorougumo's humanoid half is usually shades of very light to pale, though interestingly, no jorougumo has ever been observed with albino white skin.

Although jorougumo literally translates to "woman spider" and urban legends claiming otherwise, jorougumo are not an all-female species; their sex distribution is roughly 50/50, like most creatures in the Mazes.

In lieu of humanoid legs, the jorougumo possesses an arachnid half, with the humanoid half lying where the thorax would be. The arachnid half is usually some shade of brown, sometimes black, and covered in light patches of black hair, reminiscent of recluse spiders. It possesses 8 legs and an abdomen, but lacks spinnerets, and indeed the ability to fabricate silk or spider webs. Instead, the tips of each leg secrete a glue-like substance which helps them grip onto any surface, and allow them to walk, run, hop over short distances, and generally traverse any kind of terrain. With sufficient practice, a jorougumo can "wall-run" over very short distances, with all eight legs running briefly on a vertical surface. Some have claimed the ability to stand or even walk upside down, on the ceiling, but these are exaggerated claims with no basis in reality.

Jorougumo are immune to most known poisons and venoms, including their own, and have the ability to recognize when something is poisonous by licking it or eating it (describing the taste as "metallic" and generally unpleasant). This seemingly innocuous ability makes it easier for them to survive on their own, particularly in the Uncivilized Area, but it is also very helpful to complete a hakutaku's abilities; if the former can identify mushrooms on sight, the latter can eat and sustain themselves off of the poisonous ones. As such, jorougumo have been traditionally given scouting, scavenging, reconnaissance, and other exploratory roles.

A jorougumo's height is measured from the tip of their legs to the top of their head when at rest, with legs partially bent and not fully extended. The spider half's underside must not be touching the ground, as that would be considered a sitting position. Their average height is around 4 feet 9 inches. The length is measured from the hips to the tip of the abdomen, and the average length of a jorougumo is approximately 4 feet. Jorougumo have an average weight of approximately 160 pounds, although this may vary greatly between individuals.

Their unique appearance may trigger arachnophobia, and is generally considered frightening by many. Though it can have its advantages (usually to scare away certain creatures, and even certain hostile sapients), it also means that jorougumo are more feared than liked, and tend to possess few friends outside of their own species, even among other youkai. In a fit of twisted irony, certain jorougumo have been observed to have arachnophobia as well, resulting in desperate fear of their own kind and their own bodies in turn. This phenomenon is completely unexplained and poorly understood.

Despite any of this, most jorougumo are not actually as scary as they might seem, and there have been efforts to encourage speaking to them and striking a conversation so they feel less alone and isolated. Don't be afraid to approach one and say hello; they will more than likely be pleased by the gesture.