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Weapon, Class 3
DWM Luger P08
DWM Luger P08.jpg
Game information
Category Pistol
Fire modes Semi-auto
Caliber 9x19mm Parabellum
Barrel length (inches) 4
Feeding system Box magazine
+1 round in chamber? Yes
Critical failure type Failure to eject
Stock type No stock (N)
Weight (units) 3
Max condition 9000
Shop value / Rarity Parallar symbol.png250 (Rarity 1)
Accessory compatibility
Feeding Luger magazines
Standard: Luger 8-round magazine
Muzzle N/A
Standard: None
Optics N/A
Standard: None
Underbarrel mount N/A
Standard: None
Lights N/A
Standard: None
Real world information
Manufacturer Deutsche Waffen und
Country of origin German Empire.png German Empire
Year 1904
"I don't have a witty description for this item yet."
Hebizuka (quote written by Unknown)

The DWM Luger P08 (also called Luger P08, P08 or simply the Luger; sometimes also known as the Parabellum) is a 9x19mm Parabellum pistol.

Maze Customs

This weapon can receive the following minor customization services:

  • Barrel configuration: Luger LP08
  • Stock configuration: Luger P08 Carbine
    • Combination: Luger LP08 Carbine

Luger LP08

The original 4 inch barrel is replaced by an "artillery" 8 inch barrel, trading a larger size for better ballistic performance. For target shooters and those who need to squeeze every last feet per second out of their ammunition.


  • Barrel length: Becomes 8 inches.
  • Weight: Becomes 5 units.

Luger P08 Carbine

This simple modification transforms the Luger pistol into an impromptu pistol-caliber carbine, by giving it a simple, fixed wooden stock. In times past, the stock could also double as a holster, but seriously, don't use it that way, we have much better holsters nowadays.


  • Category: Becomes Conventional rifle.
  • Stock type: Becomes Fixed (S).
  • Weight: Becomes 5 units.

Luger LP08 Carbine

With both modifications, you now have a very respectable pistol-caliber carbine with a barrel of proper length. It's as vintage as it gets and it will move your weapon into Class 2, but you'll absolutely gain class points over the other pistol-caliber carbine owners out there.

This is a two-step modification from the original weapon, which combines the effects of the Luger LP08 and Luger P08 Carbine conversions. Because both of the above conversions increase Weight by one tier, this combination will increase it by two tiers.


  • Weapon Class: Becomes Class 2.
  • Category: Becomes Conventional rifle.
  • Barrel length: Becomes 8 inches.
  • Stock type: Becomes Fixed (S).
  • Weight: Becomes 9 units.