Crescent Moon Longbow

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Weapon, Class 5 Long
Crescent Moon Longbow
Crescent Moon.jpg
Game information
Category Archery
Modes Fire (Piercing, Ranged)
Uses ammunition? Arrow
Capacity: 1
Weight (units) 5
Material type N/A
Max condition N/A
Usable for butchering? No box.png
Shop value / Rarity N/A (see page)
"A mystical obsidian-colored bow, adorned with the titular crescent moon symbol. It is said that this bow comes from an alien lunar world, where rabbits and immortal beings live, and that this bow used to belong to the inventor of an elixir of immortality, responsible for the existence of these immortals. Don't ask how it ended up in the Mazes. but if you lay your hands on it, you will find it to be an extremely lightweight and convenient weapon, much lighter and easier to use than a regular longbow."
Hebizuka (quote written by Tempest)

The Crescent Moon longbow (or simply Crescent Moon) is an artifact bow, part of the archery weapon category.

Obtaining this weapon

This weapon is referred to as an artifact weapon; it cannot be normally found in the Mazes, nor can it be crafted or built.

Crescent Moon can be obtained by completing the Outside area, plains explorable area and reaching the treasure.

This weapon is unique. Only one instance of this artifact weapon should exist. It cannot be sold, and if it is lost or abandoned, it will return to its original location.


This weapon has only one mode available, Fire, which is a ranged attack.

The amount of damage dealt depends on the type of ammunition used. For more information, see Arrow.

As a bow, the maximum amount of shots and reloads per turn that can be performed depends on the Archery skill level and on any modifiers provided by the bow type. All bows give the user a FT+1 malus, similar to the malus given to firearms with no stocks.

The amount of damage bows deal follows this formula: Damage = Arrow type x Strength x Bow type. In other words, it depends on the type of ammunition used (see above), multiplied by the user's Strength, multiplied by any modifiers provided by the bow type.

The longbow has the following traits:

  • Due to its capacity of 1, extra arrows must be available and within reach (e.g.: from a tactical vest/utility belt/leg rig, from a set-down backpack, from the floor, etc.) in order to perform more than one shot in a single turn.