ArmaLite AR-18

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Weapon, Class 1
ArmaLite AR-18
Armalite AR-18.jpg
Game information
Category Combat rifle
Fire modes Semi/Full (AutoROF 6)
Caliber 5.56x45mm NATO
Barrel length (inches) 18.25
Feeding system Box magazine
+1 round in chamber? Yes
Critical failure type Failure to eject
Stock type Folding (FS)
Weight (units) 18
Max condition 10000
Shop value / Rarity Parallar symbol.png800 (Rarity 2)
Accessory compatibility
Feeding AR-18 magazines
Standard: AR-18 20-round magazine
Muzzle N/A
Standard: None
Optics N/A
Standard: None
Underbarrel mount N/A
Standard: None
Lights N/A
Standard: None
Real world information
Manufacturer ArmaLite
Country of origin United States.png United States
Year 1963
"Another invention by Eugene Stoner, this rifle was intended to be a cheaper alternative to the AR-15 family, made out of simple stamped steel and using a more conventional short-stroke gas piston system. The AR-18 action (or variants of it) is at the core of many other platforms, such as the L85, the F2000, the G36, and more. In short, it's a simple, no-frills, dependable 5.56mm rifle, and it is one of the cheapest combat rifles in the Mazes, available for just Parallar symbol.png800! A great entry-level choice for anybody looking to get a serious weapon on a budget."
Hebizuka (quote written by Tempest)

The ArmaLite AR-18 (or simply AR-18) is a 5.56x45mm NATO combat rifle.