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AR-15 may refer to:

The Colt M4A1, the iconic representative of the AR-15 family of rifles
  • One of the major Maze Customs families of weapons, the AR-15 family:
noframe Customs family: AR-15
Rifles AR-15A2 - M16A1 - M16A2 - M16A4
Carbines M4A1
Subcarbines Mark 18 - RO635

"AR-15 style" weapons

CMMG Mk47-K Mutant
CMMG Mk47-T Mutant
Honey Badger
NEMO Arms OMEN Watchman
Noreen Bad News ULR

Many weapons were designed with a direct design relation from the M16, M4, or members of the AR-15 family in general. They largely and intentionally look like AR-15s, typically have similar ergonomics, but are not part of the family due to significant mechanical differences. Nevertheless, they may be variously referred to in the broad and vague category of "AR-15 style" rifles, and this list is mostly based on looks more than anything else. There is no "You may be looking for" links pointing to this page on the weapon pages listed below; this list only exists for indicative purposes.

See also

  • ArmaLite AR-10, the precursor of the AR-15 family
  • M16, for specific disambiguation between M16 models