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Angelic powers is the general name given to a various abilities that angelic creatures can use. These abilities require the use of a special resource called Angelic Energy.

Angelic Energy

The special resource required to perform these techniques is known as Angelic Energy, often shortened to AE.

The starting and maximum amounts of AE that can be held by an angelic creature depends on their species.

Species Starting AE Max AE
Cherub 1 5
Angel 3 10
Pterolykos 3 10
Guardian angel 4 15
Feathered serpent 3 10
Shrine maiden 5 20
Seraph 8 30
Colossus 2 6
Archangel 10 40

To generate more Angelic Energy, angelic creatures have a number of methods at their disposal:

  • Eliminating demonics: An angelic creature gains AE for every demonic creature they personally destroyed in combat, equal to 2 AE x Threat level of the defeated demonic. (e.g. defeating a Cacobaron, a threat level 3 demonic creature, will net 6 AE.)
  • Protection service: An angelic creature can also gain AE simply for protecting people. They will frequently request to tag along travelers for this reason. An angelic creature gains 1 AE per completed fight during which they acted as allies or protectors to at least one sapient creature that was neither angelic (so they cannot "boost" each other) nor demonic (because they are enemies).
  • Donations: Shrine maidens can receive AE through a third method: receiving monetary donations when inside of their home shrine. They will gain 1 AE per Parallar symbol.png250 received. A donation of Parallar symbol.png5000 will fully "charge" one shrine maiden to their maximum of 20 AE.

Angelic powers

Not all angelic creatures have access to the same powers, and each has different effects and AE costs. Angelic powers are listed as techniques on each creature's page, alongside their AE costs. Please refer to individual angelic creature pages for more details.