Stabbing Rush

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Stabbing Rush is an ability and a combat technique.


Inspired from various prison fighting techniques with shivs and improvised weapons, this technique consists of using the knife in an ice-pick grip and repeatedly stabbing the target in an almost sewing-machine like motion, trading power and penetration for a higher amount of hits.


This ability is not initially available and must be unlocked. To unlock this ability, your character must reach Expert level in the Knife combat skill.

Once unlocked, to be able to perform this combat technique, your character must be equipped with the following:

  • Any weapon belonging to the Knife category that can be used to deal Piercing-type damage. This includes bayonets that can be used as stand-alone weapons.


If you meet the skill and weapon requirements, you may perform Stabbing Rush, which will result in the following:

  • The max hits per turn limit for knives is increased by 4 (at Basic level, the max amount of hits per turn would become 9, instead of 5.)
  • On a successful hit: 0.6x Pain and Limb damage