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Raider gangs

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There exists a multitude of small '''gangs and groups of [[raider|raiders]]''' across the Mazes. Although their sizes vary, all are very small and operate nearly exclusively in the Uncivilized Area.
Most require their members to "wear the colors" or "wear the uniform": wearing clothing featuring colors, symbols or insignia representing their particular gang. The vast majority of gangs impose initiation rituals on potential new members, typically a test of courage or strength in the form of a criminal act.
Although most gangs consider all others to be their enemies by principle, certain groups consider certain others to be particularly important rivals, and may spend spending most of their time fighting one another.
= List of raider gangs =
The [[Maze Police]] has identified as many as '''thirty-one''' raider gangs in operation across the Mazes, although there may be more that haven't yet been discovered.