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There exists a multitude of small gangs and groups of raiders across the Mazes. Although their sizes vary, all are very small and operate nearly exclusively in the Uncivilized Area.


Each gang is different and focuses on a wide variety of different activities, ranging from the benign (recreational use of drugs) to the dangerous (highway robbery, assault, rape, etc.)

Most require their members to "wear the colors" or "wear the uniform": wearing clothing featuring colors, symbols or insignia representing their particular gang. The vast majority of gangs impose initiation rituals on potential new members, typically a test of courage or strength in the form of a criminal act.

Although most gangs consider all others to be their enemies by principle, certain groups consider certain others to be particularly important rivals, spending most of their time fighting one another.

List of raider gangs

This article or section contains lore-related information.
Though not strictly necessary for playing the game, you are encouraged to read this section if you wish to have a better understanding of the game's universe.

The Maze Police has identified as many as thirty-one raider gangs in operation across the Mazes, although there may be more that haven't yet been discovered.

Gang name Symbol or logo Description
Armed Anarchists Red AA in a red circle Self-described "liberators" who reject the authority of any of the major factions and frequently raid towns.
Their stated objective is to dismantle all towns and intersections and create a 100% Uncivilized Area-based civilization. Rivalry with the UA Militia. Occasionally allies with the Ruiners.
Bloody Butchers Stylized meat cleaver dripping with blood Suspected to engage in the butchering and consumption of the meat of sapients. Favor the use of bladed weapons; especially their trademark meat cleaver.
Burninators Cartoon flame Venerate fire as though it was a deity, and favor the use of incendiary weapons and ammunition.
Busters Morning star crossed with a sledgehammer Favor the use of heavy, blunt-type melee weapons. Rivalry with the Cutters.
Chaos Kings Yellow crown symbol overlaid on a purple Sigil of Chaos No known ideologies or goals, self-proclaimed or otherwise. Seem to take great pleasure in attacking completely random people for arbitrary reasons.
Clan of the Last Bullet Revolver cylinder with one chamber loaded Style themselves after an honorable clan. Engage in acts of highway robbery and thievery.
Their signature is to steal or destroy everything their victims possess, down to their clothes, then leave them with a firearm and a single round of ammunition.
The significance of the "last bullet" is said to be a means of helping natural selection; those who keep the gun survive, those who turn it on themselves, die.
Cutters Stylized pair of scissors Favor the use of light, sharp-type melee weapons. Rivalry with the Busters.
Doombringers Red D overlaid on an orange symbol of sulfur Doomsday cultists who believe their existence is to carry out the death and destruction of all that exists.
Frequently targeted by the Followers of Asica over opposing viewpoints on the nature of the apocalypse.
Elite Crew Two crossed bowie knives under a red star, in a tan circle Secretive and mysterious group determined to achieve world domination through unspecified evil deeds.
Allied with the Phoenix Connection. Rivalry with the Team Killers.
Followers of Browning Blue FoB Strange cult worshiping a deity called Browning, who they claim is the god of firearms. Believed to possess a large, secret stash of weapons.
Rivalry with the G17 Squad.
Full Autos H&K symbol for sustained fire Adrenaline chasers famous for their abuse of amphetamines and desoxyn, and for their preference for fully-automatic firearms.
Believe that the higher the fire rate, the more exhilarating.
G17 Squad White outline of a Glock 17 Strange cult worshiping a deity called Gaston, who they claim is the god of firearms. Believed to possess a large, secret stash of weapons.
Rivalry with the Followers of Browning.
Gang 416 Red 416 Membership composed of former police and military members (typically, people who were fired for disciplinary or conduct-related reasons).
Self-describes as an outfit specialized in "the emptying of bank vaults" and "the lightening of courier caravans".
Gutshooters Muzzle end of a sawed-off double-barrel shotgun Violent gangs who favor the use of shotguns, with a signature move involving the use of a shotgun on a victim's stomach at point-blank range.
Kalash Klan Black silhouette of an AKM overlaid over a white KK Self-described "friendly club of gun enthusiasts" who favor the AK platform, open to any AK enthusiasts.
Suspected of being involved in random acts of violence, particularly against people who have voiced their disapproval for AKs.
DJ Shipunov of Radio Stalker is suspected to be a Kalash Klan member.
Killer Queens Pink silhouette of a pin-up with a handgun All-female gang whose stated mission is to "prove the superiority of the feminine ideal."
Suspected to engage in acts of kidnapping and genital mutilation. Rivalry with the Rocket Men.
Maze Scourges Penrose triangle in shades of green Cryptic cult with unknown goals. Does not seem to be involved in violent activity, but seem to have a knack for leaving graffiti and engravings on the walls in the UA.
Certain rooms are covered in detailed, intricate pieces that have been declared to be works of art. All of their authors are unknown.
Phoenix Connection Red phoenix carrying a shotgun in its talons Ruthless murderers with a reputation for killing anyone who gets in the way of their objectives, whatever they may be.
Allied with the Elite Crew. Rivalry with the Team Killers.
Pistol Rounders Two crossed Desert Eagles, one silver under one gold Self-proclaimed "handgun enthusiasts club" whose membership is open to all who can prove their skill with handguns.
Routinely engages in acts of violence against other gangs and certain members of major factions, usually to prove the superiority of the handgun over all other firearms.
Rocket Men Cartoon white and blue rocket All-male gang whose stated mission is to "restore the glory of the masculine condition."
Suspected to engage in acts of kidnapping and rape. Rivalry with the Killer Queens.
Ruiners Stylized Jeraz rune Violent gang favoring the use of grenades and explosive weapons.
Their stated objective is to "demolish and ruin the foundations of the world". Occasionally allies with the Armed Anarchists.
Scorpius Gang Stylized blue and red scorpion Violent group specialized in the use of poisonous weapons.
Enjoy causing extended pain and suffering to their victims, viewing a quick death as too merciful. Rivalry with the Steel Wolves.
Steel Wolves Stylized head of a kallwolf Dangerous gang self-describing as "moral warriors", they consider the use of poisons and gases to be dishonorable.
Prefer causing quick deaths through overwhelming power. Rivalry with the Scorpius Gang and the Wicked Sickos.
Stoner Nation Black 420 overlaid on a green, yellow and red marijuana leaf Relatively benign gang of UA dwellers famous for their use and glorification of cannabis.
Few members have engaged in violent crime, but many are involved in petty theft cases, usually targeting convenience stores.
Team Killers Two blue stickmen pointing handguns at each other Gang of loosely affiliated insane people, famous for their use of heroin and their utmost hatred for all other gangs.
Consider themselves to be the rivals of all other gangs.
The People's Circle Gold outline of an AR-15 bolt Their self-proclaimed objective is to "seize the means of protection" of the world.
Their objective is to control all weapon factories and outlets, and freely distribute weapons to all the people in the world.
Have been spotted distributing and sharing weapons to the less fortunate.
The Vanguard Green eye overlaid on the outline of a dark green triangle Secretive group obsessed with the gathering of intelligence and information on other people.
Almost never engage in violent crime by themselves, but are regularly hired to stalk and collect information on targets.
Rumored to have been founded by a former detective.
UA Militia White UAM overlaid on the black silhouette of an MP5A3 Self-proclaimed group of "true protectors", they consider the Maze Military to be corrupt and no longer capable of defending traveling people, deciding to take on their role and duties instead.
Rivalry with the Armed Anarchists. Claimed rivalry with the Military; though they don't dare to attack them on sight.
Warriors 'n' Company Stylized W resembling a lowercase omega with an acute accent (ώ) Self-styled "company of warriors" fighting a war against anyone and anything, so long as they can call it "the enemy."
Known for their heavy use of hallucinogenic mushrooms.
Wicked Sickos Neon green biohazard symbol Group of drug addicts, famous for their use of cocaine and their preference for weapons causing gas clouds.
Rivalry with the Steel Wolves.
Zero Foxtrot Golf Barred zero symbol (Ø) Diverse group of seemingly incompetent operatives with military experience, more interested in committing crimes for laughs and adrenaline than for personal gain.
Formerly known as "The Badgers" until the death of their former leader, Stefan Petros. Following a change in leadership, the gang changed its name and symbol.