Improvised repairs

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Improvised repairs is an ability.


To be able to perform this ability, your character must have the Improvised smith trait.


A character with this ability may break a weapon down to repair another.

  • Breaking down a firearm allows you to repair another firearm of the same caliber.
  • Breaking down a melee weapon allows you to repair another weapon of the same material. (Steel, Iron, Plastic, etc.)

The weapon being broken down is known as the donor weapon, and the weapon being repaired is called the receiver weapon.

After selecting a weapon to become the donor and one to become the receiver, the donor weapon is destroyed and a fraction of its Condition points is given to the receiver weapon. The exact percentage depends on the character's Repair skill.

  • Weapons destroyed through the use of this ability cannot be zero condition repaired because they no longer exist.
Repair skill level Condition transferred
Unskilled 5%
Basic 10%
Skilled 15%
Expert 20%
Master 25%