35mm practice rocket

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35mm practice rocket
35mm training rocket.jpg
Game information
Category Rocket launcher
Cost per round See page
Weight per round (units) 3
Quantity (retail box/bulk can) N/A / N/A
Damage tables
Varies depending on type
See page for details

35mm practice rocket are a type of ammunition for rocket launchers, specifically designed for the M190 LAW.

This type of rocket launcher ammunition has only one intended purpose: training. 35mm practice rockets have only one rocket type available.

They may also be referred to as simply 35mm.

Damage tables

This type of rocket is strictly intended for practice and training. It fires an inert projectile at moderate velocities, which releases orange smoke upon hitting the target, or automatically after 10 seconds.

35mm practice rockets are not available in retail; they are exclusively found at shooting ranges. If the circumstances call for it, this grenade type can be used as a weapon, albeit with questionable effectiveness, due to its blunt, non-explosive nature and its medium velocity.

Damage type LDV Pain (C1) Pain (C2) Pain (A1) Pain (A2) Pain (A3) Pain (A4) Pain (A5)
Blunt +3 75% 67% 60% 49% 37% 19% 6%


Base weapons

There is 1 base weapon chambered in this caliber.

Class 1 weapons:

Retail information

35mm practice rocket ammunition cannot be purchased in gun shops and weapon shops. They must instead be purchased at a shooting range. Their cost per round is listed on the table below.

Type Cost per round
35mm practice rocket Parallar symbol.png25.00