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Hunting is both the name of a non-combat skill and an associated activity.

Hunting lets a character harvest meat from dead creatures, therefore gaining an additional way to acquire food. The meat may also be sold to various stores for money, making it a potentially lucrative side activity as well.


In order to be able to harvest meat from dead creatures, a character needs to have at least Lv1 - Unskilled in Hunting skill.

Most characters start out at what is effectively Level 0: Unaware. This means that the skill is locked and that for such characters, hunting is not possible until they learn the basics. These characters must purchase hunting lessons (available at any restaurant for Parallar symbol.png800).

Once the skill requirements are met, a character wishing to hunt may need to acquire some equipment:

  • A melee weapon with the butchering trait, which will be used to harvest meat from bodies
  • Sufficient inventory space to carry the meat
  • Although not strictly a requirement, being properly armed and equipped for combat is strongly recommended, especially to be able to kill larger, tougher creatures with more meat on their bodies.

Suitable targets

A character meeting all of the skill and equipment requirements is ready to hunt at any time. Hunting, per se, is no different from combat, the only difference is that hunters harvest meat from the dead bodies at the end.

To be able to do so, you need to find a suitable creature. Not all creatures can be turned into meat and not all meat is equal. A creature that can be harvested for meat is referred to as a butcherable creature. To find out whether the creatures you're facing are butcherable, refer to its wiki page.

The amount of meat that is found on a dead body depends on the amount of hit points remaining in various limb groups, according to these formulas:

  • 1 meat for every 1 HP in all BODY, UPPER BODY and LOWER BODY group body parts
  • 1 meat for every 2 HP in all HEAD and LIMB group body parts
  • Meat cannot be harvested from WEAK POINTS or from EXTREMITIES