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Disambiguation.png You may be looking for the original, non-integrated GP-30.
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Weapon accessory, UGL
GP-30 Integrated.jpg
GP-30 UGL-I mounted to a Groza-4 GL.
Game information
Fire modes Single shot
Caliber 40mm Caseless grenade
Feeding system Single barrel
+1 round in chamber? No
Critical failure type Failure to fire
Weight (units) N/A
Max condition 5000
Shop value N/A
Accessory compatibility
Feeding Single barrel
Standard: 1-round capacity
Real world information
Manufacturer KBP Instrument Design Bureau
Country of origin Soviet Union.png Soviet Union
Year 1989

The GP-30 UGL-I (also simply called GP-30) is an underbarrel grenade launcher designed to fire 40mm Caseless grenades. It is an integrated version of the GP-30, and it can be found integrated to the Groza-1 GL, Groza-2 GL, Groza-3 GL and the Groza-4 GL.