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This page regroups all of the backpacks that can be found in the game.


  • Capacity: General capacity of this item, in Weight units.
  • Special 1-3: First, second and third special capacities of this item.
  • Parallar symbol.png : Shop value of the item.


Item name Capacity Special 1 Special 2 Special 3 Parallar symbol.png
Courier bag 20 None None None 200
Student's backpack 30 None None None 300
Medic bag 30 Meds 1
2-unit meds only, max 3
Meds 2
1-unit meds only, max 6
Meds 3
0.1-unit meds only, max 20
Field pack 40 None None None 350
ALICE Mark 2 45 Class 4 pouch
Max 4
Gun scabbard
Class 1 or Class 2, max 1, max weight per item: 18
None 700
Jaeger rucksack 60 None None None 600
Blackhawk 3-Day assault pack 75 None None None 900
Blackhawk Cyclone pack 85 None None None 1000
PLCE Bergen rucksack 100 None None None 1100
Blackhawk Travel bag 120 None None None 1200
Blackhawk USAR bag 150 None None None 1500


If you're not sure about the definition of a special capacity, see here:

  • Meds: "x-unit meds" refers to items with an individual weight of x units. "1-unit" special capacities only accept items with an individual weight of 1 unit, and so on.