XM2XI "X-Shotgun"

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Weapon, Class 1
XM2XI "X-Shotgun"
Crafting specs docs XM2XI X-Shotgun.jpg
Game information
Category Shotgun
Fire modes Semi-auto
Caliber 12 gauge
Barrel length (inches) 21
Feeding system Internal tube
+1 round in chamber? Yes
Critical failure type Failure to eject
Stock type Fixed (S)
Weight (units) 18
Max condition 15500
Shop value / Rarity N/A (see page)
Accessory compatibility
Feeding Internal tube
Standard: 25-round capacity
Muzzle N/A
Standard: None
Optics N/A
Standard: None
Underbarrel mount N/A
Standard: None
Lights N/A
Standard: None
Real world information
Manufacturer Roth Concept Innovations
Country of origin United States.png United States
Year 20XX

"There are regular shotguns, there are competition shotguns, and then there's this. Using a very clever quadruple-tube system, designed to automatically rotate to the next filled tube when emptied, and to the next empty tube when reloaded, the XM2XI, or X-Shotgun, can carry a truly ridiculous 26 rounds of ammunition before a reload is necessary, without adding any extra steps or complicated systems in the process. Simply load it like you would any other shotgun with an internal tube (it might take a while to fully load it), and you're good to go. Simple, yet extremely capable, just as a shotgun should be."
Hebizuka (quote written by Unknown)

The XM2XI "X-Shotgun" (also called XM2XI, X-Shotgun, or simply XM2) is a 12 gauge shotgun.

Obtaining this weapon

This weapon is referred to as a Specs-docs only weapon. It cannot be normally found in the Mazes, and will only be available after completing the following requirements:

  • Turn in the following to the Proving Grounds engineer, at the Calfair Sector workshop:
    • Specs docs: #XR329 - Prototype shotgun magazine blueprints (Helical, 25-round capacity)
    • A Benelli M2 Super 90, which will be used for conversion into this weapon.
    • Parallar symbol.png500

Upon completing the requirements listed above, the engineer will offer a brand new X-Shotgun in exchange. For this reason, this weapon is Rarity 7 (Unique).

Please note that the Proving Grounds engineer is only available during the day shift (between 8 AM and 8 PM).

Maze Customs

This weapon can receive the following minor customization services:

  • X-Shotgun Mark 2

X-Shotgun Mark 2

Naturally, astute minds have noticed that this weapon system is lacking accessory mounting points and that it wouldn't be a "real" competition shotgun if you didn't have the opportunity to stick additional accessories on it. The X-Shotgun Mark 2 aims at answering these needs. It is the same weapon, but with a threaded barrel and three additional accessory rails; a top rail for optics, and two side rails for your lights and lasers. It can be thought of as the X-Shotgun alternative to the M2 Super 90 Enhanced, as it brings in the same modifications.

Cost: Parallar symbol.png600


  • Muzzle: Becomes Standard devices.
  • Optics: Becomes NATO Short mount.
  • Lights: Becomes 2x Short interface.

Note: You can also obtain an XM2XI "X-Shotgun" Mark 2 directly by converting an M2 Super 90 Enhanced.