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Town Security Guard
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Disposition Neutral
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This occupation is open to:
Human icon.png Varies
Halfling icon.png Varies
Youkai icon.png Varies

A Town Security Guard (also called TownSec Guard or simply Guard) is a resident of a town working for the local Town Security, serving the role of local law enforcement.
When working in an Intersection instead of a town, they are referred to as Intersection Security or InterSec instead, but they effectively have the same duties, the only difference being the name.

Technically speaking, any of the three major civilized species can become TownSec or InterSec Guards; however, each community has different rules on which species are allowed to join their respective Town/Intersection Security.


Clothing and armor

Human/Halfling clothing and armor:

  • Headgear: Security guard hat
  • Top: T-shirt
  • Body armor: Heavy K armor vest
  • Bottom: Guard pants
  • Footwear: Regular shoes

Youkai outfit: Security outfit

Load-bearing equipment

Equipment and inventory

TownSec Guards may have one of three different sets of items (roll 1d3 per guard to determine):

Set 1

Equipped weapons:


Set 2

Equipped weapons:


Set 3

Equipped weapons:


Other information

Skills: Species' natural skills + the following:

  • Combat skills: Basic (Semi-auto pistol, Semi-auto rifle, Automatic rifle, Pump-action)


This article or section contains lore-related information.
Though not strictly necessary for playing the game, you are encouraged to read this section if you wish to have a better understanding of the game's universe.

A Security Guard is a member of a community's local law enforcement. The organization is known as Town Security (or TownSec) or Intersection Security (InterSec) depending on where they work.

To become a TownSec Guard, an applicant must be a registered resident of their town, with an address in the local residential area. Certain towns may enforce restrictions on which species are allowed to join the local Town Security.

  • Gimrun: Only humans may join Town Security.
  • Military towns: Only humans and halflings may join Town Security.
  • Youkai Nation towns: All species allowed, except in Mippei Yosai, where only youkai are allowed to join.
  • Police towns: Only humans and halflings may join Town Security.

In intersections, InterSec Guards are one of the very few permanent residents, alongside shop owners. Applicants must be willing to move into an intersection and must also comply with local restrictions. Like with towns, certain intersections may be considered to be inside the sphere of influence of a particular faction, which may, in turn, affect the local rules.

A Guard's responsibilities are those expected of local law enforcement; patrolling their community, looking out for trouble and troublemakers, mediating or resolving conflicts, and repelling invasions of critters and criminals. They are expected to follow a code of force escalation against sapient creatures, preferring to dissuade first, arrest and detain second, and shoot to kill only as a last resort.

Typical Guard duties usually involve town patrol, gate duty, office work, jail duty, and bank guard duty.

When assigned to town patrol, Guards are usually in pairs and walk around the town's busiest parts to ensure that everything is in order.

When assigned to gate duty, groups of 2 to 4 Guards work shifts (day and night) at the Town Gate, observing people entering and leaving, making sure to keep out known troublemakers and critters trying to pour in from the UA.

When assigned to office work, a Guard will be doing one of several tasks inside of the local TownSec or InterSec headquarters, such as paperwork (commonly called desk duty), call operator duty (acting as a relay between local residents calling for help and local Town Security, may also contact the Maze Police, if the town follows Standard Law and requires further assistance), and armorer duty.

When assigned to jail duty, Guards will spend most of their time in the local town jail, situated underneath the town hall, where they will watch over any currently held prisoners, keeping them fed twice a day and escorting them in and out of the jail's interrogation room whenever necessary.

When assigned to bank guard duty, Guards will spend most of their time at the local bank, serving as armed protection watching over the banker and the customers. Their purpose is to deter bank robbery attempts.

Guards are subordinate to their local Chief, who in turn answers directly to the local Mayor. In communities protected by Standard Law, they function as "first responders." They may request backup from the Maze Police to assist in any of their duties, the most important of which is the transfer and processing of prisoners out of their local jails and into the Police's correctional facilities.

In communities controlled by a faction, the faction in charge usually considers the Mayor to be under their command, making the entire local TownSec or InterSec subordinate to members of that faction, thus placing Guards (and Town Security in general) at the lowest rungs of a tall hierarchy. Due to the similarities in roles and duties, it is fairly common for Police Officers to have prior experience as Guards before joining the Police.