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What's a Tempest? Well, that's me, the author of this game.

About me

Well, hello there. I am Corentin Bernard, better known online as Tempest.

I was born in Brittany, France in 1993, where I was raised and still live today. Like many, I enjoy good video games, music, and movies, and a lot of other interests here and there, but my primary passions - seemingly unrelated, yet so important to me - are roleplaying games (in all of their forms) and firearms (and everything related to them).

As a video game enthusiast, I've always been a fan of roleplaying games, open-world games, any game which allows the player a lot of freedom of movement and being, all of which are some of my best sources of inspiration. My all-time, top three favorite video games are Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Fallout: New Vegas (and all of its DLC), and Jagged Alliance 2, largely because all of these games appeal to my passion for firearms, roleplaying, open-ended worlds, and because all three have an extended modding community, which I believe has contributed to extending these games far beyond their intended shelf life, firmly planting them as all-time classics, each in their own ways, at least in my eyes.

As a roleplaying game enthusiast, I have had few occasions to play or GM campaigns in a tabletop format, however this didn't stop me from studying the systems and understanding how they work ; I can at least say I'm a little acquainted with D&D 3.5, GURPS, d20 Modern, Shadowrun 5th Edition, a tiny smidgeon of Dark Heresy, and for very specific reasons, Twilight 2000 2.2 and Twilight 2013.

Why "Tempest"? I have chosen this nickname because my first name's Celtic etymology comes from the word Korventenn. This word apparently means 'Hurricane' or 'Tempest', in Celtic languages. So, by calling me Tempest, you're sort-of addressing me by my first name, in a way. Oh, and I am also known as SU_Tempest, another one of my assumed nicknames online. Don't mind the "SU" bit, it's something of an old story on its own which I sometimes tell for rainy days.

I sometimes refer to MazeWorld as my "brainchild". It is by far, my favorite project, the project I've worked on the most in my life so far, and I believe it's the most successful one; something I can always work on - there is always new things to think about, new ideas to try, new directions to take, something I had never encountered in my previous projects. The result of computing inspirations, ideas, concepts and mechanics; all mixed, modified and stitched together with care and love,

Before MzW, I used to administrate two roleplaying forums with tabletop RPG elements mixed in with the traditional roleplaying, both with rulesets completely created from scratch, generally with rules and concepts inspired from whatever I was into at the time. I've also had experience in managing communities of various sizes - mostly small ones, though, but valuable experience all the same.

In real life, I am an amateur gunsmith looking to become a professional in the future. My dream and my objective is to move to the United States to obtain the necessary training and qualifications to become a professional gunsmith and armorer.

MzW would be nothing, in my eyes, if I didn't have the awesome players and all the awesome people interested in it. They are the real reason this game feels so vibrant and satisfying to work on and play. You guys and gals have turned a little project into an awesome, ongoing adventure of a passion.

MazeWorld as a tabletop RPG is a free game; I don't charge for playing, and there is no purchase required.

If you are a player who enjoys my game, a regular, a nice and generous person, or if you just want to help me out for any reason, I would appreciate donations. There are multiple ways to show your support; If you do donate, on top of the benefits related to donating, you'll receive my sincerest thanks; all donations are going towards the game and/or projects related to the game, to make the MazeWorld experience better!


The usual way to find me is to find me on Discord or on IRC.

  • My personal Discord: Tempest#5018
  • MazeWorld Discord server: Here

If, for some reason, you want to contact me in some other way, here are alternative methods:

  • Email: tempest@hotmail.fr - Please put "MazeWorld" in your subject line, otherwise your email will be ignored.
  • Steam: SU_Tempest