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The telephone network of Mazeworld is one of the most popular forms of telecommunications, alongside television and radio. It is mainly used to call other denizens of the Mazes, as well as services of varying nature; ranging from food orders to emergency calls.

Mobile phones

The network is almost exclusively a mobile phone network (the only exceptions being in the form of office standards and automated interactive services), with coverage in the entirety of the Mazes thanks to relay devices and beacons inconspicuously located in every room and in outside areas. This ensures any inhabitant of the Mazes may use the network at any given time from anywhere they desire, so long as their phone possesses enough battery power. Batteries can be found for sale in a workshop, in the crafting ingredient category.

Mobile phones are key items, but despite that, multiple ones can be owned. Whichever phone (and corresponding phone number) that is set as the key item is the one the Contestant will use for calling. Any additional phones past the first are treated as regular items, and each extra phone weighs 1 unit. Batteries are also regular items and may be kept and collected separately. Each separate battery weighs 0.1 unit.

Acquiring and calling contacts

More information: Contact call

Phone number structure

All phone numbers are built around the following model: XX-YYY-ZZZZ.

  • The first set of digits (XX) is a calling type prefix, which divides phone numbers into major categories.
    • The first X is 0 for most phone numbers, 9 for emergency services.
    • The second X is a reserved code number ; 0 in most cases, and 1 in certain specific cases.
  • The second set of digits (YYY) is an area code number,
    • Every town has a distinct area code number.
    • A mobile phone's area code depends on its real owner's town of residence. Certain mobile phones have a 000 area code, which denotes the owner of the phone either does not have a permanent residence, does not live in any one of the towns in the Mazes, or is otherwise exempt from using an area code for any other specific reason.
  • The final set of digits (ZZZZ) is the telephone's unique number, in hexadecimal, rendering telephones in the Mazes unique. The range of unique numbers goes from 0000 to FFFF, which corresponds to 65 536 possible unique numbers for a given prefix and area code.

Phone numbers

Regular numbers

These phone numbers belong to specific characters.

  • The Contestant: 01-999-XXXX, where XXXX corresponds to the hexadecimal translation of the Contestant ID number. This is not actually an usable phone number (as it would result in the Contestant calling himself or herself), but it is provided for reference. The area code 999 is reserved to Contestants. The Contestant's number is always the same, even if he or she uses different physical phones.
  • Marcus McBride: 01-015-D103, obtained after completing M12. Allows the Contestant to schedule a meet with McBride at Sirvarris, so that McBride can provide free gem identification.
  • Sherry Lehigh: 01-016-F933
  • Brother Garic Pallad: 01-007-A9C8
  • Reese Rowan: 01-010-34C5

Special numbers

These phone numbers belong to special services which the Contestant may peruse.

  • Guild's Supply Line: 01-007-9999, obtained as part of the rewards of a GSL victory during M18. Allows the Contestant to call the Guild of Silver Larceners to have one of various types of supplies delivered to the Contestant's location, in exchange for an immediate bank transfer. The amount of money the Contestant must pay depends on the supplies desired. The service can be used only once every 12 hours. The courier dispatched by the Guild will have the appearance of a Maze Citizen, with completely random appearance, gear, and weapons, except for two fixed items: a Blackhawk Cyclone backpack, and the requested package inside of the backpack. Once called and once the money transfer has been confirmed, the Guild's courier will appear at the Contestant's calling location in 2d6+4 turns. The Contestant is advised not to move from this location, particularly in the UA, at the risk of never receiving the delivery.
    • Ammunition delivery - The equivalent of 1x MARC-P3 supply crate and 1x MARC-S3 supply crate, combined into one package. - 4000 P$
    • Medical delivery - This package contains meds: 2x First Aid Kit and 1x Field Surgery Kit, and the Contestant’s choice between 2x Morphine, 2x Diazepam, and 2x Desoxyn. - 3500 P$
    • Food delivery - This package contains food: 1x Pizza (entire, all 8 slices), 2x canned spaghetti meatballs, 2x canned Mac and cheese, 1x Military rations – Regular, 4x mineral water. - 1000 P$
    • Body armor delivery - The equivalent of 1x ARMOR-D supply crate, in order to suit up and armor up instantly. - 3000 P$
    • Trauma plates delivery - Delivers fresh trauma plates of the Contestant’s choice; either 6x Ceramic plates, 4x Titanium/Steel plates, 3x Light steel plates, or 2x Heavy steel plates. - 4500 P$
  • Yatela backup call: 01-400-BADB, obtained as part of the rewards of a Yatela victory during M18. Allows the Contestant to call the Yatela Crime Family's special backup request line, and request backup in the form of friendly gangsters. The service can be used only once every 24 hours, and only as long as the Contestant's Outlaw Reputation is at least +200 or higher. Once called, and the backup request successfully confirmed, 1d3 gangsters (with standard equipment) will arrive at the Contestant's location in 2d3+1d4 turns. The Contestant is advised not to move from this location, particularly in the UA, at the risk of missing the backup.


  • The emergency services' number is 9. A further choice; 1 for Police, 2 for Medical assistance, will then be offered. It is also possible to directly dial 91 or 92 to access the relevant services without the choice meny.

The only exceptions to the 8-digit system, emergency numbers are 2-digit and begin with the 9 prefix, making those numbers easy to remember and dial quickly.

  • Police line: 91
    • Calling 91 leads the caller to a standard, which will ask for the reason of their call as well as the room number in which the caller is located. A team of 1d3 Maze Guards, armed with random weapons, will then be dispatched towards the calling room.
    • The dispatched Guards will take 1d6+2 turns to arrive, and will react appropriately to any threat or illegal activity ongoing into this room.
  • Medical assistance: 92
    • Calling 92 leads the caller to a standard, which will ask for the reason of their call as well as the room number in which the caller is located. A nurse will then be dispatched there, or indicate the location of the closest hospital.
    • The dispatched nurse will take 1d6+2 turns to arrive, and will attempt to heal the caller, or whoever needs the requested medical assistance. If the nurse is unable to heal sufficiently, they will give the location of the closest hospital.
    • Any meds used by the nurse to treat patients will be marked up 150% of their value after checkout, to cover displacement costs.


  • The second X number in telephone numbers is in fact a reference code ; numbers with a 1 as their second prefix number denotes an unique phone number, which is associated to an unique character. This helps differentiating important numbers from less important ones.

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