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This page lists the types of STANAG magazines available in the Mazes.

Picture Name Weight Size tier Shop value
STANAG 10.jpg STANAG 10-round magazine 0.5 units Small Parallar symbol.png70
STANAG 20.jpg STANAG 20-round magazine 1 unit Medium Parallar symbol.png85
STANAG 30.jpg STANAG 30-round magazine 1 unit Medium Parallar symbol.png100
STANAG 40.jpg STANAG 40-round extended magazine 1.2 units Large Parallar symbol.png125
STANAG 50.jpg STANAG 50-round drum magazine 2 units Very Large Parallar symbol.png250
STANAG 60.jpg STANAG 60-round casket magazine 2 units Very Large Parallar symbol.png290
STANAG 100.jpg STANAG 100-round C-MAG drum 3 units Xtra Large Parallar symbol.png600

Other information

  • Certain weapons may not be compatible with all STANAG magazines. Weapons with incompatibilities:
  • The 100-round C-MAG drum increases the weight of the equipped weapon by 1 tier.