Placebo (no ontology)

From Mazeworld

A placebo is purely and simply an inert drug. It has zero effect on whomever is taking this drug. Placebos are often used in medical operations where the patient is believed to be cured or get better solely through the power of suggestion, because said patient believes the placebo is in fact a real drug.

They are inert tablets, pills or solutions that are consumed the way usual drugs would, but procure no effect whatsoever.


Placebos are present in Mazeworld to add to the amount of uncertainty when a drug is found by the contestant. They exist in almost all shapes, and require formal identification or, which is obviously more dangerous, testing by consumption, to confirm that the drug is a placebo.

As the name implies, consuming a placebo does nothing. Identified placebos are a waste of weight and should be gotten rid of, by selling them (their selling price is a measly 25 P$ each) or by simply throwing them away.

They exist in blue pill, red pill, syringe, vial and tablet forms, which encompasses all the different shapes an unidentified drug can take, at the exception of white powder (which are the shapes of cocaine and PCP.)

If the unidentified drug is…

  • A blue pill: 25% chances it might be a placebo.
  • A red pill: 25% chances it might be a placebo.
  • A syringe: 20% chances it might be a placebo.
  • A vial: 20% chances it might be a placebo.
  • A white tablet: 1/7 chances it might be a placebo.

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