Pipe bomb

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Weapon, Class 4
Pipe bomb
Pipe bomb.jpg
Game information
Category Hand grenade
Fire modes Thrown weapon
Type High-explosive
Critical failure type Failure to detonate (Dud)
Weight (units) 5
Shop value / Rarity N/A (see page)
Real world information
Manufacturer N/A
Country of origin Country Unknown.png Generic

"This makeshift grenade is really just a bunch of C4 crammed in a hollow pipe, strapped with very simple circuitry, a button that starts a five-second electronic fuze, and a bunch of duct tape to hold it all together. When the timer runs out, an electric signal is sent into the C4 crammed into the pipe, and it explodes, violently. No, it doesn't beep loudly, nor does it have a bright red flashing LED, but it is perfectly adequate for vaporizing a group of zombies, a dragon, or a bunch of bad guys. Useful if you have some C4 but no detonator."
Hebizuka (quote written by Tempest)

The Pipe bomb is a high-explosive hand grenade.

Obtaining this weapon

This weapon is referred to as a Crafting-only weapon. It cannot be normally found in the Mazes; it must be crafted in order to obtain it. For this reason, this weapon is Rarity 7 (Unique).

This is a Level 3 crafting item which requires the following parts:

  • 2x C4 charge, small
  • Electronic circuit
  • Copper wire
  • Hollow metal pipe
  • Duct tape
  • (Optional) PipeB blueprint (not required for crafting the weapon, but increases crafting success chances)


This weapon behaves like a high-explosive, non-fragmenting grenade. Therefore, no shrapnel will be released by the Phone bomb upon exploding. See Explosives for more details.

Explosion damage

Damage type LDV Pain (all ACs)
Explosion +24d6 520%