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This page regroups all of the other types of room furniture not described on their own page.


Shower and Showers redirect here.

You can use showers for their intended purpose, which can be done to heal small amounts of Fatigue and Stress. Taking a shower requires spending 1 day period, at the end of which you heal 4.0% Fatigue and 2.0% Stress.

When using showers in the UA, you must roll a 1d20 before each attempt to use.

Roll results Effects
12 or more The shower functions normally.
5-11 Hot water is broken. You can only take a cold shower. (-4.0% Fatigue as normal but does not heal Stress)
4 or less The shower is clogged. It cannot be used anymore.

You can also use the showers as a source of tap water to drink from; they function like sinks. See the section below for details.


Sink and Sinks redirect here.

You can use the sink to drink tap water from, which is equivalent to drinking a bottle of mineral water (+0 ntri, +169 wtr). You can also refill empty plastic bottles at sinks, transforming them into bottles of tap water, identical to bottles of mineral water.

When using sinks in the UA, you must roll a 1d20 before each attempt to use. If you're really inclined, you can fill empty bottles with sewage water, but why would you?

You may also use the table below when using a shower as a sink.

Roll results Effects
10 or more The sink functions normally.
7-9 The sink is clogged. It cannot be used anymore.
4-6 The sink delivers sewage water. (+0 ntri +0 wtr, Nausea for 10 turns)
3 or less The sink delivers poisonous sewage water. (+0 ntri +0 wtr, +4 Venom, Nausea for 20 turns)


Stoves redirects here.

You can use stoves in Civilized Areas as fixed, infinite-fuel versions of the Portable Stove Kit (PSK) for cooking meat. However, it is considered rude to use someone's stoves without permission, especially in a restaurant, and it isn't likely to be granted.

Stoves in the UA are non-functional (no gas, and often no power either).


Toilet and Toilets redirect here.

Toilets are technically a source of water, but it can only deliver sewage water (see table above), even in Civilized Areas. (In short, don't drink from the toilets.)