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Weapon, Class 5 Long
Game information
Category Exotic ranged weapon
Modes Fire (Piercing, Ranged)
Uses ammunition? Nailgun reload pack
Capacity: 50
Weight (units) 9
Material type N/A
Max condition N/A
Usable for butchering? No box.png
Shop value / Rarity Parallar symbol.png350 (Rarity 3)
"Hi! Hebizuka here! Are you a melee focused adventurer? Do you not like the idea of learning how to use a conventional firearm? Are you a carpenter in your spare time? Well worry no more! With the all new Nailgun-brand Nailgun - name for company and nailgun alike a work in progress - you too can turn your potential enemies into pincushions without having to carry around a quiver full of arrows or bolts. Order now and get absolutely nothing extra, guaranteed!"
Hebizuka (quote written by Definta)

The nailgun is an exotic ranged weapon.


This weapon has only one mode available, Fire, which is a ranged attack. This weapon allows for up to 10 shots per turn.

This weapon requires ammunition, which is provided by reload packs. Each pack can hold up to 50 nails, and more or less functions as the equivalent of a 'magazine' for this weapon.

Nailguns cannot be reloaded until they have been completely emptied, similarly to flamethrowers.

To check the amount of damage dealt by the nailgun's nails, see Nailgun reload pack.