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Multiple targeting (or Multi-targeting) is an ability and a combat technique.


To be able to perform this combat technique, your character must be equipped with:


If an appropriate weapon is equipped, a character has the option to aim at a second target. This second target can be a different body part on the same enemy, or a different enemy altogether.

This ability does not increase the maximum amount of hits allowed in a turn with the corresponding weapon; the character is still limited to whatever their current weapon and fire modes allow.

  • Example: Robbie is using a Beretta Cx4 Storm (a .40 S&W conventional rifle) equipped with an Aimpoint CompM4 red dot sight. The Cx4 Storm is semi-automatic only, allowing Robbie up to 10 shots per turn. Robbie faces two enemy creatures, and wishes to use the Multiple Targeting ability to hit both of them. He plans to fire 6 shots on the first creature, leaving him with only up to 4 shots to assign to the second creature.

Use with other abilities

This ability can be combined with:

  • Dual wielding: If one or both of these weapons is also equipped with a red dot sight, it is possible to combine this ability with Multiple targeting to be able to target up to 3 or even 4 different targets in a single turn.