Mercenary Agency In the Mazes

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Mercenary Agency In the Mazes
Founded E7-674
Headquarters Unknown
Activities Mercenary services
Leaders Jackie "Raider" Mullen
Thomas "Viper" Hawkins
Kazuki "Stream" Shirakawa

The Mercenary Agency In the Mazes, better known as MAIM is a minor faction in the Mazes. They are an organization serving as a means of communication between skilled mercenaries seeking work, and reliable customers seeking skilled personnel.

MAIM was founded in 674 by three veteran mercenaries with extensive independent careers; Jackie "Raider" Mullen (a male human), Thomas "Viper" Hawkins (a male feline halfling), and Kazuki "Stream" Shirakawa (a male tengu). Raider's vision was to create the first agency of its kind, which would regroup the best mercenaries and hired guns in the world under one banner so that they could provide the best personnel to the highest-paying customers. The three men pooled their resources and founded the Agency, in search of the best merc talent of the Mazes.

MAIM is known for its wide selection of available personnel, from all sorts of backgrounds and with all kinds of skills. They are also credited for formalizing the unwritten mercenary's ethics, which stipulates that mercs should be loyal to the money first, and to their employers second, regardless of the cause or employer they are working for. Officially, MAIM does not take positions and actively refuses all affiliations or coalitions with other groups and interests.

The location of the agency's headquarters is unknown; none of the mercenaries affiliated with MAIM are informed of the HQ's location, and all interactions between potential customers and mercs are done through the password-protected MazeNet website. The whereabouts of MAIM's founders and directors are currently also unknown, but they are believed to be alive and running the organization from the shadows.