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This page lists the types of stripper clips available in the Mazes, as well as the weapons they're compatible with. Weapon names in italics denote Customs conversions.

All stripper clips have the following traits:

Picture Name Shop value Compatible weapons
FN 1949 5 stripper.jpg FN Model 1949 5-round stripper clip Parallar symbol.png90 FN Herstal Model 1949
Ishapore 2A1 5 stripper.jpg Ishapore 2A1 5-round stripper clip Parallar symbol.png40 Ishapore 2A1
Kar98k 5 stripper.jpg Kar98k 5-round stripper clip Parallar symbol.png65 Mauser Karabiner 98k
Mauser C96 Red 9 10 stripper.jpg Mauser C96 Red 9 10-round stripper clip Parallar symbol.png30 Mauser C96 Red 9
Mosin-Nagant 5 stripper.jpg Mosin-Nagant 5-round stripper clip Parallar symbol.png75 Mosin-Nagant M1891, Mosin-Nagant M44, Mosin-Nagant Obrez, Model 1895-R
Shanxi Type 17 10 stripper.jpg Shanxi Type 17 5-round stripper clip Parallar symbol.png15 Taiyuan Arsenal Shanxi Type 17
Simonov SKS 10 stripper.jpg Simonov SKS 10-round stripper clip Parallar symbol.png40 IZHMEKH Simonov SKS, SKS Custom
SMLE 5 stripper.jpg SMLE 5-round stripper clip Parallar symbol.png50 Enfield RSAF SMLE No.4 Mk.I
Springfield M1903 5 stripper.jpg Springfield M1903 5-round stripper clip Parallar symbol.png65 Springfield M1903A3, Winchester M1917 Enfield