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This page lists the types of shotgun chokes available in the Mazes, as well as the weapons they're compatible with.

List of shotgun chokes

All shotgun chokes have a Weight of 1 unit.

Name Threading type Shop value Compatible calibers
Shotgun choke, Full, .410 bore Standard Parallar symbol.png250 .410 bore
Shotgun choke, Mod, .410 bore Standard Parallar symbol.png150 .410 bore
Shotgun choke, Full, 20 gauge Standard Parallar symbol.png400 20 gauge
Shotgun choke, Mod, 20 gauge Standard Parallar symbol.png200 20 gauge
Shotgun choke, Full, 12 gauge Standard Parallar symbol.png500 12 gauge, 12 gauge CAWS
Shotgun choke, Mod, 12 gauge Standard Parallar symbol.png350 12 gauge, 12 gauge CAWS

Effects of shotgun chokes

Besides caliber, shotgun chokes exist in two variants: Full and Modified (Mod). Each type refers to a different level of constriction, which in turn changes the performance of the attached weapon in different ways.

Chokes tighten the pattern of a shotgun shooting multiple projectile shells, with the following effects:

  • A shotgun equipped with no choke is said to have a cylinder bore. By itself, this offers no effects.
  • A Full choke has the most constriction (the smallest muzzle diameter) and therefore tightens the pattern the most. It increases the average amount of pellets that will hit the target, but effectively requires the shooter to be more accurate; such chokes introduce a FT+1 malus, intended to cancel out the FT-1 bonus of multiprojectile shells, effectively simulating a tighter spread.
  • A Modified or Mod choke offers a little less bore constriction. It is intended to be a compromise between a cylinder bore and a full choke; this choke does not offer a FT+1 malus, but doesn't improve the amount of pellets that hit the target as well as a full choke.

Every time a hit is scored when shooting a multiprojectile shell, a projectile check must be made to find out how many pellets or flechette hit the target. The exact check depends on the amount of projectiles, which is determined by caliber and shell type. The way a shotgun choke works is by modifying the projectile check. Chokes generally increase the average amount of projectiles that will hit but also decrease the chances of extreme amounts (closer to 1 and closer to the max possible amount) of projectiles hitting. In comparison, a cylinder bore (no choke) offers equal chances for all possible amounts, from 1 to the maximum.

Pellet check
(No choke)
Pellet check
(Mod choke)
Pellet check
(Full choke)
5 1d5 3d2-1 2d2+1
8 1d8 2d4 3d3-1
9 1d9 1d6+1d3 3d3
10 1d10 2d5 3d3+1
15 1d15 1d8+1d7 3d5
20 1d20 2d10 4d5
30 1d30 3d10 5d6

Calibers and projectile types, by projectile quantity: