List of laser sights

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This page lists the types of laser sights, as well as the weapons they're compatible with.

This list does not include integrated laser sights, as they are integral to their host firearms, and therefore all information about them are on the relevant individual weapon page.

List of laser sights

All laser sights have a Weight of 1 unit.


  • Mount type: Which length of light interface this scope can be installed on.
    • Short or Long means it will fit on Short and Long interfaces.
    • Long only means it will only fit on Long interfaces.
    • Proprietary means that this specific accessory is only compatible with a proprietary mount type, which typically only certain firearms possess.
Name Mount type Shop value
Laserlyte SCV4 Short or Long Parallar symbol.png200
AN/PEQ-5 Long only Parallar symbol.png300