Lambda magazine crossbow

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Weapon, Class 5 Long
Lambda magazine crossbow
Lambda crossbow.jpg
Game information
Category Archery
Modes Fire (Piercing, Ranged)
Uses ammunition? Small bolt
Lambda magazines, no +1
Weight (units) 9
Material type N/A
Max condition N/A
Usable for butchering? No box.png
Shop value / Rarity N/A (see page)

"I don't have a witty description for this item yet."
Hebizuka (quote written by Unknown)

The Lambda magazine crossbow (or simply the Lambda) is a crossbow, part of the archery weapon category.

Obtaining this weapon

This weapon is referred to as a Specs-docs only weapon. It cannot be normally found in the Mazes, and will only be available after completing the following requirements:

  • Turn in the following to the Proving Grounds engineer, at the Calfair Sector workshop:

Upon completing the requirements listed above, the engineer will offer a brand new Lambda magazine crossbow and three magazines in exchange. For this reason, this weapon is Rarity 7 (Unique).

Please note that the Proving Grounds engineer is only available during the day shift (between 8 AM and 8 PM).


This weapon has only one mode available, Fire, which is a ranged attack.

The amount of damage dealt depends on the type of ammunition used. For more information, see Small bolt.

As a crossbow, Strength does not affect damage, and Archery skill level does not affect the max amount of shots and reloads that can be performed per turn - all crossbows are limited to one shot and one reload per turn.

The Lambda magazine crossbow has the following traits:

  • This weapon is magazine-fed, and counts as no +1; it will therefore not fire without a magazine loaded with at least one bolt.
  • Stock type: Retractable (RS)
  • Optic: Red dot sight (integrated)