Inebriation (no ontology)

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The Inebriation rate is one of the vital statistics tracked on every contestant. Inebriation increases when the contestant consumes alcoholic beverages.

Inebriation, as the name suggests, distorts and alters the contestant's mental and physical states, through speech impediments, altered behavior, and deterioration of motor skills.

The Inebriation statistic is measured in Inebriation points, which are then divided by the Contestant's current amount of Blood. The result is an Inebriation percentage, which determines the intensity of the effects sustained.

NOTE: There can be no more Inebriation than there is Blood still inside the creature. Therefore, the maximum theoretical amount of Inebriation in a creature's systems can be no higher than the max amount of Blood, although it is truly capped by actual Blood remaining, not max Blood.

Rate 0.0% 0.1;19.9% 20.0;39.9% 40.0%;69.9% 70.0%;99.9% ≥100%
Condition Sober Buzzed Tipsy Drunk Smashed Wasted
  • Inebriation decreases naturally at a rate of -0.1 point per turn.
  • Inebriation can be lowered through visiting a Hospital room, attempting to throw up voluntarily, or simply waiting it out and sober up naturally.


The various stages of inebriation may cause different Secondary effects:

  • Sober:
    • No effects.
  • Buzzed:
    • No effects.
    • If the Contestant has gained an addiction to alcohol, withdrawal effects will occur if the Inebriation counter falls under 20%.

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