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Blood is a vital bodily fluid as well as a statistic. Most living creatures in the game have a Blood counter, and it isn't a counter of the total amount of blood contained within that creature's body, but rather a representation of their lethal limit. If this counter falls to 0, instant death ensues.

Blood is further differentiated into Current Blood and Max Blood. Blood is expressed as a numeric value to one decimal (e.g. "12.3 Blood").

Two types of intoxicants can enter a creature's bloodstream and in turn cause a variety of effects, the severity of which often depends on the amount of intoxicants and the Current Blood levels. These intoxicants are alcohol and poison, respectively represented by the Inebriation and Venom stats.

Blood levels

Current Blood cannot go under 0.0, and cannot go over the value specified by Max Blood.

By default, for an average human, Max Blood is 20 units. Different species may have different Max Blood values as well. Max Blood cannot normally be influenced by any consumable or ability; it is a statistic determined during character customization.

Blood level Status name Effects
1/2 Max Blood or more OK No effects
Under 1/2 Max, but at least 1/4 Max Low blood volume Strength -20%, FT +1
Under 1/4 Max but at least 0.1 Blood Very low blood volume Strength -40%, FT +2
0.0 Blood Dead Creature is killed

Blood types

All humans and halflings use human blood, whereas all youkai use youkai blood. The distinction is important when looking for Blood Transfusion Kits; a character can only successfully receive a blood transfusion if their type matches that of the BTK.

Knowing how to correctly use Blood Transfusion Kits is important; misuse will result in death.


"Inebriation" redirects here.

Inebriation is a statistic, representing a creature's level of alcohol intoxication. Two values are differentiated; the actual Inebriation units, expressed as a numeric value to one decimal (e.g. "1.2 Inebriation"), and the Inebriation percentage, expressed as a percentage value to one decimal (e.g. "6.0% Inebriation").

To calculate the Inebriation percentage, divide the Inebriation units by the Current Blood, then multiply by 100.

Inebriation levels

Inebriation percentages cannot go under 0.0%, and cannot go above 200.0%.

Inebriation % Status name Effects
200.0% Dead Creature is killed
100.0% - 199.9% Wasted FT +2, IR +2, Agility -2, Nausea
70.0% - 99.9% Smashed FT +2, IR +2, Agility -2
40.0% - 69.9% Drunk FT +1, IR +1, Agility -1
20.0% - 39.9% Tipsy IR +1
0.1% - 19.9% Buzzed No effects
0.0% Sober No effects

Eliminating Inebriation

A character's body will, over time, eliminate the alcohol in the bloodstream, causing Inebriation to fall, as long as certain conditions are met. Although this process is not tied to Daily Reset, it is tied to the passage of time in a more general sense.

Players must write down when their character's Inebriation last increased (when they last had a drink, etc.); specifically, the date and day period (whether it is Morning, Day, Evening or Night).

To start triggering natural elimination of alcohol, at least 2 day periods must pass after the last drink. Inebriation will then start decaying, at a rate of -5.0 per day period passed, starting from the second after the last drink.


It's Day 12 and the day period is the Evening.

If you last had a drink...

  • 1 day period ago (Day 12, Day): No change to Inebriation - must wait one more day period to start eliminating alcohol.
  • 2 day periods ago (Day 12, Morning): -5.0 Inebriation
  • 3 day periods ago (Day 11, Night): -10.0 Inebriation total
  • 4 day periods ago (Day 11, Evening): -15.0 Inebriation total
  • 5 day periods ago (Day 11, Afternoon): -20.0 Inebriation total

And so on, and so forth. Repeat as needed, decreasing gradually by -5.0 with every new day period, until reaching 0.0 or the next drink, whichever comes first.


"Venom" redirects here.

Venom is a statistic and a type of poison. As a statistic, Venom represents a creature's level of poisoning.

The term "Venom" (referring to toxic substances secreted by animals) is used in lieu of the more generic "Poison" is used because most, but not all poisonous substances in the Mazes are venom-based. The only type of poison that isn't venom-based is cyanide, which works differently and thus deserved a distinct name.

Two values are differentiated; the actual Venom units, expressed as a numeric value to one decimal (e.g. "3.3 Venom"), and the Venom poisoning percentage, expressed as a percentage value to one decimal (e.g. "16.5% Venom").

To calculate the Venom poisoning percentage, divide the Venom units by the Current Blood, then multiply by 100.

Venom poisoning levels

Venom poisoning percentages cannot go under 0.0%, and cannot go above 100.0%. This means that in effect, there can be no more Venom than there is Blood.

Inebriation % Status name Effects
100.0% Lethal poisoning Creature is killed
75.0% - 99.9% Very severe poisoning Strength -60%, Pain Sensitivity +60%
50.0% - 74.9% Severe poisoning Strength -40%, Pain Sensitivity +40%
25.0% - 49.9% Moderate poisoning Strength -20%, Pain Sensitivity +20%
0.1% - 24.9% Mild poisoning Strength -10%, Pain Sensitivity +10%
0.0% OK No effects

Eliminating Venom

Venom is not naturally eliminated; if nothing is done, Venom levels will remain constant until treated or aggravated. Other than visiting a hospital and pay to have the Venom removed there, the only way to eliminate Venom is to use universal antivenom.