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Make sure you have read the rules and guidelines on proper behavior and use of our IRC and Discord chatrooms.

A bot, or robot on is an automated or semi-automated client, capable of using scripts for various purposes. We have three bots:

  • MazeBot, referred to as male, which is an IRC bot whose function is to serve as the dice bot and randomness generator for the game.
  • HashiBot, referred to as female, who exists both on Discord and on IRC and serves as a bridge between both, transmitting text and bot commands from one to the other.
  • Gear, a Discord bot who mainly serves to keep track of a Discord user's level with regards to gaining access to #shrine and #nsfw-club380 on the Discord.

MazeBot possesses a large quantity of special commands, all of which see use either openly or secretly when sessions are in progress. HashiBot however, cannot be interacted with and has no special commands, her purpose is simply to be a bridge between Discord and IRC. Gear also cannot be interacted with, as their purpose is simply to track a user's level.

MazeBot's commands

As of December 4th 2017, the full list of MazeBot commands is as follows:

  • @mhelp: Displays a link which leads you to this very page.
  • @40mmCt: Random ammo type for 40mm caseless grenade
  • @40mmNt: Random ammo type for 40mm NATO grenade
  • @43mmt: Random ammo type for 43mm grenade
  • @ammo: Random ammunition generator
  • @bodyaim: Random body part selector, generally used for combat
  • @boxlootM: Generates random loot for metal containers
  • @boxlootW: Generates random loot for wood containers
  • @boxtraps: Generates a random trap type for containers
  • @book: Random book title generator
  • @CAWSt: Random ammo type for 12 gauge CAWS shells
  • @c-blueprint: Generates a random crafting blueprint
  • @c-docs: Generates a random Specs Docs file
  • @c-item: Generates a random crafting ingredient
  • @c-toolkit: Generates a random toolkit
  • @color: Random color generator
  • @crafting: Random crafting item generator
  • @crates: Random supply crate generator
  • @critwin: Generates random critical success effects, used in combat
  • @custommag: Generates a random custom magazine or feeding device, as found for sale at Maze Customs.
  • @enc: Random creature generator
  • @enc-angelic: Generates a random angelic creature
  • @enc-demonic: Generates a random demonic creature
  • @enc-hallu: Generates a hallucinated creature
  • @enc-LEO: Generates a random law enforcement creature
  • @enc-military: Generates a random military creature
  • @enc-neutrals: Generates a random non-faction-aligned creature
  • @enc-nyoukai: Generates a random youkai activist creature
  • @enc-outlaw: Generates a random outlaw creature
  • @enc-regular: Generates a random "regular" creature
  • @fishing: Used for the secret fishing minigame
  • @food: Random food item generator
  • @genbox: Random container generator
  • @graffiti: Generates a random graffiti, generally found etched in certain roomstyles
  • @handload: Random handloading item generator
  • @HL-case: Generates random casings
  • @HL-kit: Generates a random handloading kit
  • @HL-powder: Generates a random powder jar
  • @HL-primer: Generates random primers
  • @HL-proj: Generates random projectiles for handloading
  • @item-hallu: Generates a hallucinated object
  • @keyitem: Random key item generator
  • @LBE: Random load-bearing equipment generator
  • @loginwords: Random word generator, used for creating login keys when hacking computers
  • @loot: Random valuable generator
  • @magicitem: Random magic item generator
  • @marisa: Random mushroom generator
  • @meds: Random medical item generator
  • @motive: Quick and dirty personality generator for NPCs
  • @omikuji: Omikuji generator, generally used in angelic shrines
  • @ore: Random ore type generator, generally used in the context of mines and mining
  • @ore-c: Generates low-rarity ore (cheap, common)
  • @ore-r: Generates rare ore (rare, very rare)
  • @PBT: Random pistol projectile type, generally used for random ammunition generation
  • @radio: Generates a random radio station with associated Youtube playlist (may be very outdated or have missing entries)
  • @rarity-gun: Generates a random firearm weapon class (Class 1-4) and rarity level, used for random weapon generation
  • @rarity-melee: Generates a random melee weapon class (Class 5S-5L-HG) and rarity level, used for random weapon generation
  • @RBT: Random rifle projectile type, generally used for random ammunition generation
  • @rumor: Generates a random rumor, which may be true, false, or nonsensical
  • @shower: Generates a random shower effect
  • @sink: Generates a random sink effect
  • @soldierkit: Generates extra equipment to be used by a Maze Soldier
  • @SST: Random shotgun (12 gauge) projectile type, generally used for random ammunition generation
  • @stuff: Generates random junk items
  • @toilets: Generates a random toilet effect
  • @wear: Random clothing/armor generator
  • @wear-a: Random armor generator
  • @wear-c: Random clothing generator
  • @wear-p: Random trauma plate generator
  • @whatsontv: Generates a random TV show
  • @wpn: Random weapon generator
  • @wpnacc: Random weapon accessory generator
  • @wpnacc-nomag: Same as above, but does not include magazines or feeding systems
  • @wpnc1: Random Class 1 weapon generator
  • @wpnc2: Random Class 2 weapon generator
  • @wpnc3: Random Class 3 weapon generator
  • @wpnc4: Random Class 4 weapon generator
  • @wpnc5L: Random Class 5 Long weapon generator
  • @wpnc5S: Random Class 5 Short weapon generator
  • @wpncHG: Random Handgear weapon generator
  • @wyoukai: Generates a random wicked youkai
  • @youkai: Generates a random youkai


Just for fun:

  • @_@: Confusion!
  • @co-item: Generates a random crafting-only item.
  • @overlord: Generates a random line from the Evil Overlord List.
  • @sillyammo: Silly shotgun projectiles, inspired by Taofledermaus.
  • @wepon: Wepons!