Guild of Silver Larceners

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Guild of Silver Larceners
Founded E7-203
Headquarters Gimrun
Activities Taxation of Gimrun's population
Defense of Gimrun
Highway robbery of caravans and couriers
Heisting and grand thievery
Leaders Angelus Argentum (Founder, E7-203 ; E7-239)
Minik Argentum (E7-697 ; current)

The Guild of Silver Larceners (previously known as the Silverlight Guild) is a minor faction in the Mazes.

They are a gang styling themselves after medieval warriors, wearing full plate armor, favoring melee weapons, and hand-to-hand combat. This group is notorious for having been in control of their hometown, Gimrun for nearly 500 years. They are also known for their strict, pure human-only (no halflings) policy.

Foundation of the Guild

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The history of the Guild of Silver Larceners is tied to that of the town of Gimrun. Originally a medieval-era town, the town had been re-discovered and re-settled in E7-202 by a group of settlers, among which was Angelus Genvor, originally a librarian and historian from the town of Sirvarris. Genvor had discovered that the ancient, medieval library within the abandoned town was one of the four fabled Silverlight Libraries, much like that of Sirvarris. When the town was settled, he was appointed as the librarian once again.

The next year, in 203, Genvor had become obsessed with the newly discovered medieval-era books. There, he learned of the ancient Silverlight Kingdom, which had reigned dominant in the Mazes throughout Era 4. After gathering a group of faithful followers from the local Town Security and arming themselves with the plate armor and longswords found inside the library, Genvor staged a coup against the fledgling town's leadership, assassinating the mayor and former expedition leader, and threatening the other inhabitants with death if they do not swear their allegiance to him. Angelus Genvor renamed himself to Angelus Argentum and declared the formation of the Silverlight Guild, appointing himself as the guildmaster (leader).


The Guild's reason for existing is tied to the Silver Crown, a precious artifact found in the town of Sirvarris shortly after the town was resettled, alongside a medieval-era greatsword and a document written by King Maratuxa, the last ruler of the Silverlight Kingdom, which ruled the world throughout Era 4. This Crown was incomplete, missing a large mounted diamond. The document explained that King Maratuxa's last wish was for the Silverlight Kingdom to be re-established for the future. To do so, he hid the kingdom's treasure in a secret cache somewhere in the Mazes, locking the doors with a special lock, which can only be opened with one "key": the Silver Crown itself. However, the mechanism will not work if the Crown is incomplete. To open the cache, the Silver Crown must be reunited with its Diamond and inserted into the lock. The first person to do so will gain access to the treasure within and use the wealth to re-establish the Kingdom.

Shortly after the Crown was discovered in Sirvarris, roughly 650 years ago, it was stolen; the act was revendicated by a gang known as the Wraiths, responsible for the Twin Terror Acts of E7-54. After the eventual defeat of the Wraiths in E7-55, the Silver Crown was never found among the Wraiths' assets.

The Guild was established for the purpose of finding the Silver Crown, reuniting it with its Diamond, then finding the secret Silverlight Kingdom's treasure. As of today, all three are still missing.

Guildmaster Argentum vowed to use the treasure to recreate the Kingdom and one day conquer the Mazes once again, an act he referred to as "uniting the world under a silver banner once more". All leaders of the Guild have been mayors of Gimrun as well as descendants of Angelus Argentum, forming the Argentum Dynasty.

The "Larceners" name

Originally only known as the Silverlight Guild, the Guild gained their modern moniker of Silver Larceners only two years later in 205, when several heavily armed and armored members of the Guild orchestrated a heist on the Lenox Corner jewelry store, emptying the entire shop's inventory and securing a clean escape, with not a single shot fired. Over one hundred items, valued at over Parallar symbol.png1 million, were stolen that day. Among the stolen objects was an item known as the Sublime, a platinum tiara mounted with five gemstones of exceptional quality (three diamonds and two sapphires), at the time valued at Parallar symbol.png18 945.

Following the heist, the jeweler famously referred to the heisters as "those scary larceners in their silver armor" while being interviewed. The name Silver Larceners was penned by the journalist responsible for the interview, and it has been used to refer to the Guild ever since. The Guild seems to have taken this name in stride, adopting the new name of Guild of Silver Larceners.

The Super-Heist

In 414, over two hundred years after the original Lenox Corner heist, the Guild deployed 46 Larceners directly into the heart of the Yatela Crime Syndicate's hometown, Greening. Their objective was the entire town, every last facility, shop, outlet, from the convenience store to the hospital. The stated objective of the Guild was to "strip the Syndicate down to their rooms' bare stone". Within minutes, Town Security and Syndicate associates and enforcers responded, and a town-wide gun battle erupted. The Guild was trying to fend off the extremely heavy response while simultaneously continuing their robbery and the transportation of the stolen goods out of the town, whereas the Syndicate was deploying every last available person with a gun to open fire on them.

The battle lasted one hour, during which the town generator was invaded and the power was cut to sow confusion and cover the Larceners' retreat. In total, 41 people were killed; 27 people affiliated with the Syndicate, eight Larceners, and six civilians, including the two engineers working at the generator at the time. Three of the Larceners killed were "bag men", which allowed the Syndicate to recover some of the loot stolen. The total value of the loot extracted that day is not known, but it has been estimated to be between Parallar symbol.png6 and 7 million.

Reportedly, the Don of the time, Benito Yatela, participated in the defense of Greening personally and is said to have been wounded during this event. This event, since nicknamed "the Super-Heist", prompted the Syndicate to declare the Guild their mortal enemies, marking for death anyone working for, or associated with the Guild. As of today, this policy is still active.

The Guild today

As of today, the Guild's main source of income is the taxation of Gimrun's inhabitants, occasionally supplemented by highway robberies and heists. The Guild specializes in the robbery of caravans, couriers, and other travelers transporting high-value goods. Because the Silverlight Kingdom existed in an era before halflings and youkai, the Guild has a strict, pure human-only policy; they view halflings and youkai as unworthy of membership within the Guild.

Although the founder's original wish to restore the Silverlight Kingdom and conquer the world appears to have been abandoned, some believe that they will, one day, make a move and begin conquest.

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