Guide:Schedule (Meta, no ontology)

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Check this page regularly! Do not forget games you have booked!

In order to register a spot on the schedule, you must give the date and hour at which you will be available, in your time zone - it will then be correlated to the GM's time and, if approved, placed on the schedule.

Scheduled games and events

  • Legend: Time and date, Session #xxx: Player name, Contestant | xx:00 (x PM) [Player time zone] / GM xx:00 (x PM) [Central Europe]

Planned games

  • August 15th 2016, Session #173: C27, Marina Conteras | 09:00 (AM) [Mountain] / GM 17:00 (5 PM) [Central Europe]

Pending reschedule

  • Session #xxx: Twib, Reina Miyako-Knight | 08:00 (AM) [Pacific] / GM 19:00 (7 PM) [Central Europe]