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Unknown date

  • Third story arc of main story Quests
  • Emergency quests to obtain the Cardinal Amulets in case of catastrophic failures during the main story
  • More sidequests
  • ...and more!


February 20th 2018

Post-v4 update #14 - Currency Overhaul + Youkai Clothing update

Currency Overhaul

The Currency Overhaul part of the update introduces several changes related to money and valuables in the game:

  • Money is no longer denominated only in 1 P$ coins - 12 different coin types can now be found, from 0.05 P$ Nickel coins to 500 P$ Platinum coins. More information on this article: Parallar
  • LBE: Money pouches are now designated as being capable of carrying 20 units of coins, allowing Contestants to carry a variety of different coins in their money pouches.
  • Banks allow Contestants to withdraw money in any denomination desired. If none is specified, bankers will, by default, offer the most efficient possible amount of coins to match the desired amount.
  • Valuables: New ingots introduced: Gray copper (250, 500 and 1000 grams), Electrum (250, 500 and 1000 grams), White gold (250 and 500 grams)
  • Food and restaurant items: Virtually every food item has has its value reduced, with reductions ranging from 50% to over 80% from pre-update prices. Generally speaking, food is now drastically cheaper and it is now far easier to buy food without it being overly ruinous.
  • Weapons and Ammunition: The cost per round of certain calibers has been adjusted. Many melee weapons have had their prices adjusted (generally down); in particular, many melee weapons that could be found in a hardware store have had their prices drastically cut down.
  • Ammunition: Coin shot and CAWS coin shot have been modified - slightly higher Pain damage overall, and the definition has been modified; to handload a coin shot shell, the Contestant now needs 20 nickel (0.05 P$) coins instead of 20 brass (1 P$) coins, therefore making the value (and handloading cost) of these rounds significantly lower. (Retail values: 4 P$/round for the 12 gauge version, 5 P$/round for the CAWS version)
  • New bot command: @coins - generates a random coin type.

All inventory sheets have been updated to reflect these changes - all money currently carried by Contestants has been converted to 1 P$ coins.

Youkai clothing update

The Youkai Clothing part of the update introduces changes related to clothing and armor in the game:

  • Certain non-wicked youkai species can now wear clothing and armor! However, clothing reserved to youkai are one-item 'outfits' rather than individual articles of clothing, as is the case for humans.
  • Youkai clothing is divided in five body types, each type is compatible with the following species:
    • Type H - Huge size: Oni, Kishin
    • Type U - Uncanny body type (Upper body clothes only): Jorougumo, Kirin
    • Type S - Small size: Kappa, Satori
    • Type T - Tailed: Guhin, Hakutaku, Kasha, Kitsune, Nure-onna, Tanuki
    • Type W - Winged: Doji, Tengu, Yousei
  • Youkai clothing can be found for sale at clothing shops, under their own category.
  • All youkai clothing items have clothing resistances, same as with their human counterparts.
  • Certain types of youkai clothing have effects, and may act as armor or protective equipment, allowing youkai to increase their own defensive capabilities with more ease, and be generally less weak in combat.
  • New bot command: @wear-y - generates a random youkai outfit.

Inventory sheets for youkai Contestants have been updated to reflect the changes. All youkai Contestants have been given a traditional outfit matching their species and gender.

February 1st 2018

Post-v4 update #13 - Community Gun Bag of 2018 + Maze Customs Party update (+ Flamethrowers!)

Firstly, we would like to thank the following players for their suggestions, as well as their rewards in RePoints:

  • Definta - 1000 RP
  • Voltaire Jordans - 950 RP
  • JadedPencil - 200 RP

ALL PLAYERS: Update your inventory sheets! The highlighted text are the sections you must add or edit:

New type of weapon: Flamethrowers!

  • Everything about flamethrowers is explained in this section.
  • Introduction of a new combat skill: Flamethrowers, necessary to use them. Because it is a new weapon skill, this means Flamethrowers can also be selected during Startgame; as such, new Startgame weapon packages have also been introduced.
  • The existing crafting-only Flammenwerfer has been updated. It is now a Class 4 disposable flamethrower.
  • New weapons:
    • ION XM42-M, Class 1 light flamethrower
    • M2-2, Class 1 heavy flamethrower
    • No.2 Mk II, Class 1 heavy flamethrower
    • Einstossflammenwerfer 46, Class 2 disposable flamethrower

New weapons in existing calibers:

  • 2 new Class 1 weapons
    • Kel-Tec KSG-25, 12 gauge shotgun. A longer version of the KSG-12 with two, ridiculously long 12-round magazine tubes, giving the weapon a total capacity of 25 shells.
    • Norinco M305A, 7.62x39mm conventional rifle. A strange cross between an M14 and an AK-47 magazine.
  • 2 new Class 2 weapons
    • IWI Tavor 7, 7.62x51mm NATO combat rifle. A very modern bullpup battle rifle.
    • Thales EF88 Austeyr, 5.56x45mm NATO combat rifle. A modernized variant of the Steyr AUG.
  • 3 new Class 3 weapons
    • KBP OTs-01 Kobalt, 9x18mm Makarov revolver.
    • SilencerCo Maxim 9, 9x19mm Parabellum. A very modern, integrally suppressed 9x19mm pistol using Glock magazines.
    • Smith & Wesson Model 625-2, .45 ACP revolver.
  • New weapon accessories:
    • 9x18mm 6-round moon clips are now available on the regular market, and are no longer exclusive to Maze Customs.
    • Insight LAM-1000, dual module light/laser, compatible with the H&K USP-9, USP-40 and USP-45.

New Maze Customs offerings for newly introduced weapons:

New Maze Customs offerings for existing weapons:

  • Main Customs families:
    • 1911SS and 1911DS now offer an Inglis stock modification, in order to attach a stock on 1911SS and 1911DS pistols and transform it into a compact carbine.
  • Minor:
    • New category: "Other minor modifications", for anything that doesn't fit in another category.
    • Minor rechambering, H&K G3A3 / HK91: PTR-32 / PTR-32S ; converts a G3A3 / HK91 to 7.62x39mm, compatible with AK-47 magazines.
    • Minor rechambering, H&K G3A3 / HK91: PTR-33 / PTR-33S ; converts a G3A3 / HK91 to 5.45x39mm, compatible with AK-74 magazines.
    • Other minor: Trench magazine service - Modifies a range of bolt-action firearms to increase their capacity.
    • Other minor: H&K USP modifications - Modifications for the USP series of pistols.
    • Other minor: M1 Garand modifications - Modifications for the Springfield M1 Garand.

Modifications to existing Maze Customs offerings:

  • Auto-5 RA: Now also adds a NATO-S rail to the weapon, alongside the 8-round magazine tube.
  • The M1 Garand EBR Custom, T26 Garand and T26 Garand EBR Custom conversions have been removed from the Tactical conversions category; they are now part of the M1 Garand modifications introduced above.

January 27th 2018

Post-v4 update #12 - Story Arc #2: Corporate Chaos released!

  • The continuation of the main story of the MazeWorld campaign is now out
  • 13 new main story Quests about the conflict between Angelics and Demonics, and their related independent interests
  • 8 different Story Arc endings
  • The Soul Influence system is now fully implemented: The Contestant's influence to the Angelics and Demonics is symbolized by Soul Orbs, which can now be acquired as part of the quest rewards during this Story Arc.

January 10th 2018

Post-v4 update #11 - New Year's mini-update

  • Gun shops and weapon shops may now now sell boxes of projectiles for handloading.
  • The Kamikaze encounter has been scrapped.
  • Handloading: SEG / Segmented has been renamed to SF / Sintered Frangible. Effects and function of this ammo type have not been changed.
  • 4.73x33mm Caseless: A new ammunition line has been introduced: Improved, which is equivalent to a +P load, making it the first (and so far the only) Rifle caliber to have +P ammunition. In addition, new bullet types have been introduced: AP and Match. All 4.73x33mm Caseless ammunition that can be found, now has a chance to be either Standard or Improved, with either FMJ, AP or Match projectile.

November 27th 2017

Post-v4 update #10 - Fatigue/Stress balance update (+ other changes!)

Changes related to Fatigue:

  • Fatigue healing from Resting is doubled, from -0.2 to -0.4% per turn. Considering 1 turn of resting makes the clock go forward by 6 minutes, this allows the Contestant to recover 16.0% Fatigue in 4 hours of sleep, 48.0% Fatigue in 12 hours, and 96.0% in a full 24 hours.
  • The "Normal" Fatigue threshold (i.e. the state of not being tired, between "Energized" and "Tired") is expanded to 5.0-49.9%, making Tired start at 50.0% Fatigue rather than 40.0%, effectively extending significantly the effective endurance of a Contestant.
  • New secondary effect introduced: Negated Natural Fatigue (NNF). As long as this effect is active, natural fatigue (the effect which naturally always causes Fatigue to increase by +0.1%) is negated.

Changes related to Stress:

  • Several stress-relieving activities now have the NNF secondary effect (described above), in order to promote their use and cut down on the "stat chasing" phenomenon between Fatigue and Stress. These are:
    • Book reading
    • Using a computer for browsing MazeNet
    • Radio listening
    • Showering
    • Watching TV
  • Showering now heals -0.2% Stress per turn instead of -0.1%. However, please note that showering does not provide NNF.

New medical item: Concentrated caffeine (White tablet)

  • Effects: Fatigue -12.0%, Stress +1.2%, Agility +1, Increased alertness for 2d6*5 turns
  • Cost: 200 P$

Changes to existing meds:

  • PCP is now addictive, and belongs to its own category (PCP withdrawal). 10% addiction chance per use.

Other changes:

  • Weapon accessories: The 4.6mm silencer and muzzle brake are renamed "4.6mm / 4.7mm", and are now also compatible with 4.73x33mm Caseless firearms. (Weapons chambered in 4.73mm Caseless were technically allowed to receive threading but had no compatible accessories; this has now been fixed. However, using a muzzle brake on these weapons may be a little pointless, as Recoil is already 1. This might be addressed in a future update! ;) )

November 20th 2017

Post-v4 update #9 - The rocket launcher update

New weapons: Introduction of disposable rocket launchers: Cheap, one-shot, disposable rocket launchers, which present several traits and advantages (and disadvantages) compared to their reloadable cousins.

  • Cheaper and lighter than their reloadable cousins.
  • One shot only per launcher ; they are to be disposed of after firing. They are better thought of as self-contained single rounds of ammunition rather than weapons.
  • No maintenance stats apply to disposable rocket launchers - because they're disposed of after one shot.
  • Multiple disposable launchers can be carried in a single equipment slot. (e.g. you can carry multiple disposable launchers in Primary 1, as long as all of them are of the same model)
    • Disposable launchers are separated in three subcategories: Light, Medium, Heavy
    • Light disposable launchers have an individual weight of 9 units, and up to 4 can be carried in a single equipment slot.
    • Medium disposable launchers have an individual weight of 14 units, and up to 3 can be carried in a single equipment slot.
    • Heavy disposable launchers have an individual weight of 18 units, and up to 2 can be carried in a single equipment slot.

7 new weapons introduced with this new category, all of them are Class 1:

  • Light disposable rocket launchers
    • Bazalt RPG-18 Mukha, 64mm HEAT (PG-18)
    • Bazalt RPG-26 Aglen, 72.5mm HEAT (PG-26)
    • Talley M72A2 LAW, 66mm HEAT (LAW)
  • Medium disposable rocket launchers
    • Armar Armblast-AP, 73mm HE/Frag (Armblast-AP)
  • Heavy disposable rocket launchers
    • Hunting Engineering LAW-80, 94mm HEAT (LAW-80)
    • KBP RPO-A Shmel, 93mm Thermobaric (RPO-A)
    • Saab Bofors Dynamics AT4, 84mm HEAT (AT4)

Changes related to the M202A1 FLASH and its ammunition

  • It is no longer possible to reload individual rounds into an M202A1 FLASH. Instead, the weapon uses a system of 4-rocket clips, which are non-reloadable. In order to reload a M202A1 FLASH, the rocket clips must be entirely replaced. An empty rocket clip must be disposed of.
  • Rocket clips are available as a singular unit in weapon shops, for 480 P$ per clip.

Changes to the naming nomenclature of rocket launcher ammunition:

  • "Ammo box" -> "Crate"
  • "62mm BUR rocket" -> "BUR rocket, HE/Frag"
  • "66mm M74 rocket" -> "M202 4-rocket clip, M74 rockets, HE/Incendiary" (see above for details)
  • "83.5mm SMAW rocket" -> "SMAW rocket, Mk3 HE/Frag"
  • "85mm PG-7V rocket" -> "RPG-7 rocket, PG-7V HEAT"
  • "105mm TBG-29V rocket" -> "RPG-29 rocket, TBG-29V Thermobaric"

Additional rocket types for existing reloadable rocket launchers:

  • Bazalt RPG-7: OG-7V HE/Frag and TBG-7V Thermobaric
  • Bazalt RPG-29: PG-29V HEAT
  • Talley Mk153 SMAW: Mk6 HEAT

Changes related to mini-grenades:

  • Mini-grenades now count for 0.5 item when placed in Class 4 pouches, effectively allowing such load-bearing equipment to carry up to twice more mini-grenades when compared to full size grenades.

Introduction of training munitions: Intended for training usage only, such weapons and ammunition have for sole purpose to help train their relevant combat skills (thrown weapons with hand grenades, grenade launcher, rocket launcher, planted explosives) using cheaper, less valuable platforms than live rounds.

  • Weapon: M69 practice grenade, for training thrown weapons skill.
  • Weapon: M190 LAW subcaliber practice device, for training rocket launcher skill. Needs its own ammunition, 35mm training rockets, which have unique damage tables in case they are used in combat.
  • Weapon: Practice C4 charge, for training planted explosives skill.
  • Ammo type for 40mm NATO grenade: 40mm NATO, M382 practice, for training grenade launcher skill. Has unique damage tables in case they are used in combat.

Other minor changes:

  • Name changes: The Bazalt RPG-29 is now known as the Bazalt RPG-29 Vampir.
  • New scope type added: Rocket launcher optics, which provide IR-1.
    • Certain existing rocket launchers are equipped with RL optics: Bazalt RPG-29 Vampir, KBP BUR, M202A1 FLASH, Talley Mk153 SMAW.
    • Some of the newly introduced disposable launchers also have RL optics: Armar Armblast-AP, Hunting Engineering LAW-80.
  • Shooting ranges now have an explosives training room.

November 7th 2017

Post-v4 update #8 - Fixes, changes and balances

Rubber buckshot (R-Buck) and Rubber baton (R-Slug) balance fixes:

  • R-Slug only: Limb damage multiplier is now 0.15x instead of 0.25x
  • R-Buck and R-Slug: Both ammo types no longer stun targets on a percentage chance. Instead, each hit causing 1+ damage now stuns the target for 1 turn, stackable with multiple successful hits.
  • R-Buck and R-Slug: New effect added; if ammunition of these types manage to cause an injury to a target, the injury type is a fracture instead of a wound.

Naming changes:

  • All relevant event lines for the SG510-3, SG510-4, SG550, SG550 Sniper, SG551 and SG552 Commando no longer display "SIG Sauer" as the manufacturer, but "SIG Arms".

Changes related to Food and Meds:

Shop changes:

  • Workshops:
    • Workshops now sell 1d5-1 extra mobile phones and 1d6 extra mobile phone batteries on top of the usual 12 random crafting ingredients.
    • Mobile phone batteries: 250 -> 50 P$.
    • Gun cleaning kits for sale: 1d6 -> 2d6
    • Weapon repair kits and Melee weapon repair kits for sale: 1d4-1 -> 1d4
  • Gun shops and Weapon shops:
    • Gun shops now offer 1d3 gun cleaning kits and 1d3-1 gun repair kits for sale.
    • Weapon shops now offer 1d3 gun cleaning kits, 1d3-1 gun repair kits and 1d3-1 melee weapon repair kits for sale.

October 29th 2017

Post-v4 update #7 - Ammunition and handloading balance update

All pistol and rifle caliber data has been streamlined and standardized, using simulated handloading data and ballistics software. Damage tables for each caliber stems from load data - certain calibers have had their damage tables tweaked or modified to reflect these changes.

Handloading changes:

  • 7.62x38mm R Nagant: Bullet weight modified, from 100 to 97 grains. All relevant handloading projectiles are also subsequently modified (.308, 100 grain -> .308, 97 grain)
  • 12.7x108mm: Bullet weight modified, from 715 to 744 grains. All relevant handloading projectiles are also subsequently modified (.511, 715 grain -> .511, 744 grain)
  • .30-06 Springfield: Bullet weight modified, from 152 to 150 grains. All relevant handloading projectiles are also subsequently modified (.308, 152 grain -> .308, 150 grain)
  • .408 Chey Tac: Bullet weight modified, from 419 to 400 grains. All relevant handloading projectiles are also subsequently modified (.408, 419 grain -> .408, 400 grain)
  • 7.62x51mm NATO: No longer uses a .308, 147 grain bullet. Instead, it may use the newly introduced .308, 150 grain bullets for .30-06 Springfield, allowing both calibers to share the same projectiles.

Other changes:

  • Wildey Hunter renamed to Wildey Survivor
  • Fix: .338 Lapua Magnum: Missing barrel length group, Short rifle, was added.

September 20th 2017

Post-v4 update #6 - The big little update of September 2017

New caliber: .410 bore

MazeWorld's third shotgun caliber, .410 bore, has finally been introduced. This small, lightweight shotgun caliber serves as a cheaper, less powerful, but less-recoiling alternative to 12 gauge. 7 different projectile types are available in this caliber (3 flavors of buckshot, 3 slugs, and flechette).

7 new firearms have been introduced - 5 "proper" .410 shotguns, and 2 new firearms which also introduce a new special weapon rule: .45 Colt and .454 Casull firearms with 3" chambers - which are also capable of chambering .410 ammunition. Check Ammunition for more details.

  • Mossberg Silver Reserve II Field, Class 1 double-barrel shotgun
  • Chiappa Triple Threat, Class 1 triple-barrel shotgun
  • Mossberg 183T, Class 1 bolt-action shotgun
  • Mossberg 505, Class 1 pump-action shotgun
  • IZHMASH Saiga-410K, Class 2 semi-automatic shotgun
    • Comes standard with a 10-round magazine. Also available: 4-round, 15-round, 30-round drum.
  • Pedersoli Howdah 45/410, Class 3 double-barrel pistol chambered in .45 Colt (3" chamber)
  • Taurus Raging Judge Magnum M513, Class 3 revolver chambered in .454 Casull (3" chamber)
    • Special rule specific to the Raging Judge Magnum: It may also be loaded with .45 ACP/.460 Rowland through the use of moon clips. The Raging Judge Magnum may effectively accept 5 different calibers, although not at the same time. When loaded with rimless (moon clip) ammunition, it may not accept rimmed (.45/.454/.410) ammunition. Any combination of either compatible rimmed or rimless calibers is possible, but not both.

New caliber-specific accessories have also been introduced: .410 bore shotgun chokes (mod and full) and .410 bore silencers.

And as usual with a new caliber, the usual relevant Handloading items have also been introduced ; .410 hulls, .410 waddings, and new .410 slugs.

The Fragmentalizer

  • Special thanks to Voltaire Jordans, who had originally submitted this suggestion for the CWU. As it has been introduced, you will receive 500 RP in thanks!

1 new melee weapon, the Breaching sledgehammer - a Class 5 Long short sledgehammer with a special profile and meat-tenderizer texture on the strike face. It has been introduced alongside a new blueprint, the FragHmr blueprint, and a new crafting ingredient, the infrared sensor.

The FragHmr blueprint lists the ingredients required to create a new Crafting-only melee weapon, the Fragmentalizer, which is a modified breaching sledgehammer with a jury-rigged, single-shot, 12 gauge shotgun grafted into it. Using infrared sensors and electronic components, the Fragmentalizer may be used in 'shotgun mode' - upon successfully striking an opponent, the Fragmentalizer's sensors will "detect" the successful hit and fire the shotgun, causing a "shotgun mode" hit to result in two strikes - one with the hammer, and one with the shotgun.

New RePoints Shop offerings

15 new packages have been added to the RePoints shop, including weapon packages, food packages, medical packages, and packages of other items.

Startgame changes

Effective immediately for any new Contestants after this update, all new Contestants will receive, free of charge, with 100% guarantee, the following items:

  • 1x First Aid Kit
  • 2x Apple
  • 2x Bottle of mineral water
  • 2x Canned beef meatballs

New Town feature: Food and water production facilities

  • Huge thanks to JadedPencil, who has given me the inspiration to start writing the part of this update. As a thank-you gesture, you will receive 1000 RP.

2 new types of town facility introduced to every town in the Mazes: the food production facility and the water production facility.

2 subtypes of water production facilities are introduced: UA water recycling unit and Natural water processing unit. They mostly fill the same role, the differences being largely lore-related.

12 types of food production facility are introduced:

  • The farms, which also introduce the Farmer, a new type of human encounter:
    • Artificial light farm (all-indoors)
    • Traditional land farm (outside area)
    • Traditional sea farm (outside area)
  • The scientific facilities, also known as Sci-Farms:
    • Hydroponics and cloning farm
    • Aquaponics farm
  • The food factories:
    • Canning facility
    • Soft drink manufacturing plant
    • Brewing plant
    • Mass baking factory
    • Mass fast-food production facility
  • The magic facilities:
    • Heaven Farm
    • Hell Horns of Plenty

Each of these facilities mostly fulfill lore- and worldbuilding-related purposes, intended to explain where food in the Mazes comes from, and what sorts of different technologies and challenges are involved with producing food and water.

Certain existing sidequests (S1-2, S2-1) and side activities (Trading Missions, Mercenary Contracts) have been slightly altered to account for these changes.

August 14th 2017

Post-v4 update #5 - The Community Weapons Update of 2017

Firstly, we would like to thank the following players for their suggestions, as well as their rewards in RePoints:

  • C27 - 450 RP
  • Definta - 600 RP
  • JadedPencil - 900 RP
  • Link - 150 RP
  • Voltaire Jordans - 1500 RP
  • Groovy_smoothy - 750 RP

While not every suggestion that you have sent may have been implemented, they have all received serious consideration and research, and even if your suggestion didn't make it, you have been rewarded for at least making it on the consideration list. Thank you, guys!

Please check the "Name changes" and "Other changes" sections - certain items have been renamed, other items have been modified. If your current Contestant carries any of the items listed under these sections, please edit your sheets accordingly!

New weapons:

A total of 25 new weapons have been introduced to the game.

  • 6 new Class 1 weapons
    • DIO KH2002 Sama, 5.56x45mm NATO combat rifle. A bullpup rifle which accepts STANAG magazines.
    • DISA Madsen M1924, 7.92x57mm Mauser machine gun. Box magazine fed.
    • FN Herstal FNAR Match, 7.62x51mm NATO precision rifle. Semi-automatic.
    • FN Herstal Model 1949, 7.62x51mm NATO conventional rifle. Semi-automatic.
    • Tikkakoski Suomi KP/-31, 9x19mm Parabellum submachine gun. Sold by default with a 71-round drum magazine, but smaller (36- and 50-round) magazines are also available.
    • Uberti Lightning Carbine, .357 Magnum conventional rifle. A pump-action rifle, fed by an internal tube. Also accepts .38 Special.
  • 7 new Class 2 weapons
    • Bergmann MP18, 9x19mm Parabellum submachine gun. The world's first true submachine gun. Accepts Luger magazines and is sold by default with a 32-round snail drum magazine.
    • Daewoo K7, 9x19mm Parabellum submachine gun. Integrally suppressed, accepts Uzi magazines.
    • KBP OTs-14 Groza-1, 7.62x39mm combat rifle. Bullpup rifle based on the AK platform. Accepts AK-47 magazines.
    • KBP OTs-14 Groza-4, 9x39mm combat rifle. Bullpup rifle based on the AK platform. Accepts AS Val magazines.
    • Kel-Tec SUB-2000-G9, 9x19mm Parabellum conventional rifle. A very compact pistol carbine capable of accepting Glock magazines. Has several modifications available at the Maze Customs.
    • Steyr AUG Para, 9x19mm Parabellum submachine gun. A submachine gun based on the Steyr AUG platform.
    • Steyr MPi 81, 9x19mm Parabellum submachine gun. The AUG Para's predecessor. Both weapons share the same magazines.
  • 3 new Class 3 weapons
    • Chiappa Rhino 40DS-40, .40 S&W revolver. An unique revolver with a 6 o'clock barrel. This variant can use 10mm/.40 moon clips.
    • Chiappa Rhino 50DS-357, .357 Magnum revolver. An unique revolver with a 6 o'clock barrel.
    • Taiyuan Arsenal Shanxi Type 17, .45 ACP pistol. An oversized variant of the Mauser C96, chambered in .45 ACP.
  • 5 new Class 5 Long weapons, including 1 new crafting-only
    • Arming sword, a sword, slightly shorter than a longsword.
    • Bardiche, a polearm, which can be considered to be the European counterpart to the naginata.
    • Greatsword, a huge sword.
    • Nodachi, a large Japanese sword, longer than a katana.
    • Crafting-only: Combat chainsaw, an improved chainsaw.
  • 1 new Class 5 Short weapon
    • Entrenching tool, a short metal shovel.
  • 2 new Handgear weapons, including 1 new crafting-only
    • Insulated gloves, which serves as a crafting ingredient for the...
    • Crafting-only: Shock gloves. Pair of gloves meets Taser.
  • 1 new knife-bayonet:
    • SAFN 1949, for the FN Herstal Model 1949
  • Magazines and stripper clips for the new weapons.
  • Several new Customs Minor offerings for the new weapons.

New Crafting items

  • New blueprints: CombatCS and SGloves, respectively showing the ingredients required to build the Combat Chainsaw and the Shock gloves
  • New crafting ingredients: Titanium carbide chainsaw chains and TM-3C improved chainsaw engine.

Name changes (old name -> new name):

  • Motorcycle boots -> Harness boots
  • Smallsword -> Bastard sword
  • Medieval broadsword -> Longsword
  • Medieval spear -> Spear
  • Medieval warhammer -> Warhammer
  • Cavalry sabre -> Service saber

Other changes:

  • Dagger: No longer has Butchering capability, and becomes a Sharp-type only weapon (previously: Sharp/Piercing)
  • Wakizashi: Becomes Sharp-type only (previously: Sharp/Piercing)
  • Katana: Becomes Sharp-type only (previously: Sharp/Piercing)
  • Drill blueprint: The "HITB Battery" ingredient was replaced by the newly introduced "Improved chainsaw engine" item.

July 22nd 2017

Post-v4 update #4 - The Fast Traveling mini-update

Changes related to roomstyles and the Uncivilized Area:

  • Four new "empty rooms" roomstyles: Highway, Old byway, Passage, and Featureless room
  • All "Empty room" roomstyles now feature a 100% chance to have one door that acts as a shortcut or a detour. Passing a shortcut door further decreases the amount of rooms until the next destination by the amount indicated. Passing a detour door does the opposite - it increases the amount of rooms until next destination.
  • Four traditional roomstyles were given chances to feature shortcut and detour doors; Machine rooms and Sculleries may have shortcuts, Prison rooms and Studio rooms may have detours.

New sidequest and new associated gameplay mechanic:

  • S3-1 - A Light Shining in Darkness. Successfully completing this quest unlocks access to a new area in the generator room of select towns: an access to the Engineering Service Shaft Network.
  • The Engineering Service Shaft Network is a network of special service tunnels employed by the Engineering Corps to safely travel across the Mazes and reach different Geographical Zones faster than through the normal method of traveling in the UA. There is an ESSN access in one town in each geographical Zone, and each access is interlinked to each other, allowing ESSN users to travel from any one Zone to any other Zone easily.
    • The role of the ESSN is to serve as an advanced method of fast traveling - when using a service shaft, time spent traveling is quickly abridged.
    • Sidequest S3-1 belongs to Sidequest Tier 3, which is available to Contestants with at least one Cardinal Amulet; therefore it is not immediately available, and a certain amount of progress is required to get access to this quest. Players are recommended to complete Quest M04 in order to unlock this Tier and this sidequest.

Other changes:

  • The FN Herstal FNP-40 and FNP-45 pistols have been replaced with the FNX-40 and FNX-45 respectively, from the same manufacturer. All necessary name changes have been done as well (renamed magazines and Maze Customs offerings related to these firearms)
  • The Tsar-Pushka SVL Lobaev was removed, alongside the TSVL Custom offering in the Maze Customs. The rifle was replaced by the more modern and more accurate Lobaev Arms DXL-4, in .408 Chey Tac. It uses a proprietary 5-round box magazine (Lobaev DXL .408), is equipped by default with a PMII optic (NATO rail) and a bipod (Long underbarrel interface), uses an integrated/removable muzzle brake, and possesses two long Light rails. The new shop price for this rifle is 3000 P$. All relevant data was modified in consequence.

June 27th 2017

Post-v4 update #3 - Caffeine and bags mini-update

Changes related to Food:

  • Black coffee, Cappucinos, green tea, black tea, cola drinks, energy bars and energy drinks now give users a small amount of Stress, equivalent to about 10% of the amount of Fatigue they removed. In addition, Black tea now reduces Fatigue by 1.0% (previously 0.5%), and Green tea by 2.0% (previously 1.0%).
    • This change has been introduced to provide a small, negative effect as an incentive to not abuse Fatigue decreasing drinks as a method of keeping Fatigue down, or as a replacement to Resting.

Changes related to Load-bearing equipment:

  • LBE items now have an additional use: they can be folded and transported into the inventory, under certain conditions:
    • Folded LBE items MUST be empty before they can be folded down.
    • Not all LBE items can be folded down. (mostly large capacity backpacks)
    • A folded LBE item cannot be worn or filled with items.
    • All tactical vests will fold down to Weight 5, all utility belts to Weight 3, and all leg rigs to Weight 2.
    • Backpacks: Courier bags fold down to Weight 5 ; Student backpacks fold down to Weight 7, Field packs fold down to Weight 10, ALICE Mark 2s fold down to Weight 12. All other backpacks are non-foldable.

Related changes:

  • Trading Missions: Load-bearing equipment is now a type of Cold merchandise. Successfully delivering a shipment of LBE nets the courier the equivalent of 10% cargo value.

Special thanks to:

  • Groovy_smoothy for the ideas and suggestions regarding caffeine products in the Mazes, in particular for playing and demonstrating that it is possible to completely negate the need to sleep for Fatigue reduction by simply buying enough coffee. Sorry that I'm killing your dream of being a never-sleeping caffeine addict, Groovy. Groovy_smoothy was awarded with 250 RePoints for this suggestion.
  • Voltaire Jordans for making the brilliant suggestion of making LBE items foldable, as well as providing the general idea and mechanics. Your idea was amazing! Voltaire was awarded with 500 RePoints for this suggestion.

June 3rd 2017

Post-v4 update #2 - Three new features!

Introduction of a new non-combat skill: Healing skill

  • The purpose of healing skill is primarily to affect the effectiveness of Limb Healing effects (as used on first aid kits and field surgery kits).
  • A new crafting-only item, makeshift tourniquet, has been introduced to complement the Healing skill - it functions like the basic tourniquet, but is made using very cheap materials, at the cost of only having a 40% chance to succeed when used.
  • Healing skill may also affect the effectiveness of Rags as bandages, and that of makeshift tourniquets.
  • A new ability has been introduced: Healing massage. Available to Contestants and creatures with at least Skilled (Lv3) skill level in Healing skill.

Encounter spawn rate balancing and the concept of Encounter strength groups.

  • Every encounter is now part of one of six categories called strength groups, which is meant to divide the various creatures of the Mazes based on how strong, tough, difficult, or generally valuable they are.
  • Criteria for classification is Kill Value, introduced during the previous update. The higher the KV, the higher the strength group.
    • WEAK: KV 1-9
    • AVERAGE: KV 10-30
    • STRONG: KV 31-99
    • VERY STRONG: KV 100-399
    • SUPERBEAST: KV 400-999
    • MEGABEAST: KV 1000+
  • The lower the strength group, the more commonly creatures in this group may be generated. This way, stronger creatures may appear less often, allowing early-game Contestants to have better survivability, as well as giving more value to stronger monsters, as they will be rarer and thus, more sought after.

A feature tied into the future Soul Influence statistic has been introduced ahead of time: Magic item shops.

  • These shops are part of a Shrine. Both Angelic and Demonic shrines have their own Magic Shops, each side selling different items.
  • Magic shops sell unique, expensive items which cannot be found anywhere else, often with extremely useful effects, which may be used to compliment food, meds, mushrooms, and other items.
  • Angelic shops primarily sell defensive or healing items.
  • Demonic shops primarily sell offensive, stat boosting, or destructive items.
  • Only the basic inventory is available - expanded inventories are available to Contestants with sufficient Soul Influence for one or the other side; the Soul Influence feature and system will be expanded upon in a future update, and with it, the expanded magic shop inventory will be introduced.

May 25th 2017

Post-v4 update #1 - A player experience point system: Resurrection Points (or RePoints, RP)

A new meta statistic is introduced: Resurrection Points, or RePoints or RP in short.

RePoints serve as score, and as currency. At the end of a Contestant's run, an amount of RePoints is attributed, depending on the Contestant's performance. Rooms visited, creatures killed, wealth accumulated, and whether the run ended on death or ascension, all contribute towards RP obtained.

RePoints are also a currency, which can be spent during Startgame, in order to purchase better starting equipment, certain special services, or the ability to play as one of a set of extra, "bonus" species.

Kill Value point system:

  • To fairly judge the Contestant's performance for every killed creature, a new statistic is introduced on encounters, the Kill Value (KV)
  • Every type of encounter has a KV, calculated the following way:
    • Meat worth / 7 / Pain Sensitivity
  • When a creature is killed, the Contestant gains an amount of RP equal to that creature's KV.
  • The bigger, stronger and more resistant the creature, the more KV it is worth

Related changes:

  • Leaderboards updated to show the list of players, and their current RePoints balance.
  • As a thank-you gift to all players who have signed up since the reopening, all current players have been awarded with 500 RePoints.
  • Player C27 is awarded with an extra 50 RePoints, corresponding to the score that would have been obtained following the death of Tabitha Matsuyama (KIA on May 18th 2017)

April 24th 2017

MazeWorld version 4 - Grand reopening of the games!

  • The grand replacement of the old Mission system, in favor of the new Quests.
    • For now, only the first story arc out of a planned three will be available.
    • A total of 24 quests will be available:
      • 4 early game quests to introduce the player to the basics.
      • The first story arc, titled The Silverlight Legacy, is composed of 10 main quests, and 2 possible related sidequests.
      • 8 non-story sidequests will also be introduced, all intended to introduce the players to the Mazes, as well as introduce and activate non-combat skills.
      • 3 repeatable side-activities will be available as well, after the completion of their related introductory sidequests; Trading Missions (courier/delivery jobs), Mercenary Contracts (combat for money jobs) and Mining (self-explanatory).
  • New sign-up form
    • In order to join us, you may now use this Contestant application form. Fill it out completely and without missing information, and wait for a response from the GM on Discord to know if it's accepted or refused.
    • Players with accepted applications will be given the opportunity to set their Contestant's primary statistics and starting equipment. Once set, players receive a copy of their inventory sheet (see below) and are considered ready to play.
  • New and improved inventory sheet:
    • Now Google Docs based!
    • Prettier!
    • Formatting, colors, and easier to read and edit!
  • Simplified Leaderboards - Less stat tracking, for convenience's sake.


See the Changelog Archive.