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Threat level 2
Unknown creature.png
Basic statistics
Disposition Hostile
Armor Class C1
Pain Sensitivity 0%
Max Blood N/A
Agility -1
Limb groups
HEAD Head - 10 HP
BODY Upper body - 40 HP
Lower body - 30 HP
LIMB 2 arms - 20 HP
2 legs - 20 HP
EXTREMITY 2 hands - 15 HP
2 feet - 15 HP
WEAK POINTS 2 eyes (Head)
Secondary statistics
Skeleton type Has bones.png
Can use Weapons/LBE? No box.png
Can use Clothing and armor? No box.png

The ghoul is a creature belonging to the Undead category.

Attacks and techniques

This creature has three attacks: Strike, Poison claws and Poison bite.


Damage type Range MAPT IS LDV Pain (C1) Pain (C2) Pain (A1) Pain (A2) Pain (A3) Pain (A4) Pain (A5)
Blunt Melee 2 5 -2 18% 16% 14% 12% 9% 5% 1%

Poison claws

Damage type Range MAPT IS LDV Pain (C1) Pain (C2) Pain (A1) Pain (A2) Pain (A3) Pain (A4) Pain (A5)
Piercing Melee 2 5 -1 14% 13% 11% 9% 7% 4% 1%
  • On a successful hit, inflicts Venom +1.

Poison bite

Damage type Range MAPT IS LDV Pain (C1) Pain (C2) Pain (A1) Pain (A2) Pain (A3) Pain (A4) Pain (A5)
Sharp Melee 1 9 +0 24% 22% 19% 16% 12% 6% 1%
  • On a successful hit, inflicts Venom +2.

Other information

Creature traits:


This article or section contains lore-related information.
Though not strictly necessary for playing the game, you are encouraged to read this section if you wish to have a better understanding of the game's universe.

One of the more esoteric and overtly magical types of creatures is the undead. Baffling biologists and the scientific community until their magical origins could be ascertained, undead creatures are defined as being "dead bodies or collections of dead body parts, that have been reanimated through magical means." The specific type of magic that leads to the creation of undead creatures is known as necromancy.

Ghouls are essentially fatter, more grotesque zombies. In essence, they are no different - simple servitors of a necromancer that can perform simple tasks or attack creatures on command. What changes is the lethality of their attacks. Their bites and claws are now poisonous, secreted from newly created glands, which seems to be the result of the necromantic spell "upgrading" them from simple zombies. Analysis of the poisonous compound reveals that it is no different from venom, and works in much the same ways.

Dealing with ghouls is essentially no different than dealing with zombies, all one has to mind is the poisonous nature of their attacks.