GM Guide 1: How to build a new player's sheet

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  • 1: Make a copy of the template inventory sheet.
  • 2: Open the Character customization page, which will help you fill the document as you go.
  • 3: Ask your player questions to fill out the CHARACTER PERSONAL INFO section of the sheet, except for the format and death system, which will be asked later.
  • 4: Make your player assign their character's primary statistics, according to this section.
  • 5: Make your player assign their character's skills, according to this section.
  • 6: Send your player to go shopping for their character's starting equipment, according to the parameters outlined in this section.
  • 7: Once your player has made their choices, fill out the character sheet with the corresponding statistics and desired equipment.
    • 7a: Edit the statistics as necessary, taking care not to forget the limb health and the Daily Reset nutrition/hydration counts.
    • 7b: Use the Official object list document to fill the sheet out with items, taking care to insert the weapons, clothing, and items into the correct sections.
    • 7c: Make sure that all equipped weapons feature their correct ammo counts (quantity and ammo types), all of their appropriate effects (from ammunition, stock type, barrel length, and accessories), and condition percentages (list both current condition and max condition, then type in the percentage)
    • 7d: Make sure that all inventory sections have their correct weight counts.
  • 8: Ask your player which game format and death system they desire, then edit the sheet accordingly.
  • 9: Ask your player what their character's motivations and personal objectives are. If your player is playing as a native, make sure to ask plenty of questions about where the character comes from, what their occupation is, and what's happening to them.
    • 9a: As the GM, you are free to veto any details you feel are inappropriate or overpowered. However, offer alternatives as necessary.
    • 9b: Decide a starting location for the player character. If the player character is a native, they may want to start in their hometown and have housing in one of the local residential areas. Give some consideration to the type of housing that character gets, as it means they may have to pay rent every ingame month.
  • 10: Once everything is finalized, send the sheet to your player.