First aid kit (no ontology)

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A First-Aid Kit is a small bag containing first aid supplies necessary to carry out the healing of damaged limbs. It can perform Light limb healing, but it also contains in a compact package extra medical supplies within itself. Once used, the FAK "spills" the items it contained, and they must be individually collected in the inventory (at which point they will start taking inventory space).


The FAK is an important medical aid, vital to keep from suffering the nasty effects of damaged and/or disabled limbs. Though it is less effective than the Field Surgery Kit, which can heal disabled limbs, FAKs can and should be used to keep limbs in good shape and prevent them from reaching such a terrible condition. Any well-prepared Contestant should have one or two at their disposition at any time.

Being a medical aid with a unique shape, it does not require identification.

It is a very large item, as such it weighs 2 units per object instead of 0.1 unit.

Extra items contained


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