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Fanning is an ability and a combat technique.


Fanning, in its original form, requires the use of a single-action revolver. The shooter keeps the trigger depressed, and fires by repeatedly cocking the hammer with the palm of one's hand, causing the cylinder to rotate. Because the trigger is depressed, the hammer falls immediately after cocking, thus causing the gun to fire (provided the cylinder is not empty or filled with a spent case).

Skillful use of this technique allows a shooter to fire a single-action revolver much more rapidly than normal. Modern interpretations of this technique were later developed for use with DA/SA revolvers, so long as they possessed a traditional hammer.

While it is possible to use the sights when fanning, it does also mean that the firearm will be held one-handed; the second hand will be used for palming the hammer, and will be frequently blocking the sights, which may result in a little less accuracy in favor of faster shooting.


This ability is not initially available and must be unlocked. To unlock this ability, your character must reach Expert level in the SA revolver combat skill.

Once unlocked, to be able to perform this combat technique, your character must be equipped with the following:

  • A firearm capable of using single-action mode, including DA/SA firearms, with certain exceptions:


If you meet the skill and weapon requirements, you can perform Fanning, which will result in the following:

  • The max shots per turn limit for single-action (SA) mode is doubled (allowing for up to 6 shots instead of only 3)
  • IR +1