FN Herstal Mark 48 mod 1

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Weapon, Class 1
FN Herstal Mark 48 mod 1
Fabrique Nationale Mk48 mod 1.jpg
Game information
Category Machine gun
Fire modes Semi/Full (AutoROF 6)
Caliber 7.62x51mm NATO
Barrel length (inches) 19.75
Feeding system Ammo belt
+1 round in chamber? No
Critical failure type Failure to feed
Stock type Fixed (S)
Weight (units) 30
Max condition 12500
Shop value / Rarity Parallar symbol.png2600 (Rarity 5)
Accessory compatibility
Feeding M13 ammo belt
Standard: M13 100-round ammo belt box
Muzzle N/A
Standard: None
Optics NATO Short rail
Standard: None
Underbarrel mount N/A
Standard: Bipod (integrated)
Lights 2x Long interface
Standard: None
Real world information
Manufacturer FN Herstal
Country of origin Belgium.png Belgium
United States.png United States
Year 2006
"The bigger brother of the Mark 46, chambered in 7.62 NATO. Much of the same features that make the Mark 46 attractive can also be found on the Mark 48, though and to accomodate for the larger caliber, the barrel is just under 20 inches in length, the rate of fire is a little slower, and of course, it is a little bigger and heavier. If the Mark 46 could be thought of as an improvement over the M249, this machine gun can be thought of as an improvement over the M60 and M240."
Hebizuka (quote written by Tempest)

The FN Herstal Mark 48 mod 1 (also simply called Mark 48 or Mk48) is a 7.62x51mm NATO machine gun.

Other information

  • The picture displayed in the infobox depicts the weapon without a belt box installed.