Danger close

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Danger close is an ability.


To be able to perform this ability, your character must have the Ninja trait.


The player must declare the use of Danger close. A character can only activate this ability when in Combat mode.

Upon activating the ability, you must roll 2d6+Agility and roll 8 or more to succeed.

  • If you fail, your turn is over.
  • If you succeed, you maintain Stealth, even from creatures on the same Side as you. You can then fight as you would while in Stealth. Any weapons that preserve Stealth will allow you to continue fighting undetected.
    • You can use this ability even if there is cover present on your side. However, keep in mind that successfully passing a Danger close check does not put you behind cover.
    • Successfully passing the Danger close check grants 2 Skill Points in Evasion.


The intention behind this ability is to showcase the character's advanced sense of stealth and their ability to hide in plain sight. However, it is subject to the GM's discretion. A GM may disallow the use of Danger close or break the character's stealth if they feel it would be appropriate.