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Concentrating (or Concentration) is an ability and a combat technique.


To be able to perform this combat technique, your character must be equipped with:

  • A firearm equipped with a high-power or extreme-power scope
    • The firearm MUST be able to fire a single shot, and therefore must have at least one of the following modes: Single shot, Semi-auto, Bolt-action, Pump-action, Lever-action, Double action, Single action.


If an appropriate weapon is equipped, a character has the option to concentrate. This will reduce their maximum shots per turn to 1.

When declaring the use of this ability, the concentrating character will be able to aim at a specific target as they normally would, but they will not open fire on the same turn the use of the ability was declared; instead, they are "locked" in a concentrating state, and they must shoot at the intended target on the next turn, at a special Initiative Speed of C, considered to be slower than U.

Successful hits (including inaccurate hits) while concentrating are converted into critical hits instead.